Tha Dogg Pound – My Heart Don’t Pump No Fear

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Tha Dogg Pound – My Heart Don’t Pump No Fear

Album: Dillinger & Young Gotti
Released: May 1, 2001
Label: D.P.G. Recordz, Gangsta Advisory Records


(Ooooooooh Oooooooooh, No fear)
What’s up nigga, what’s cracking? Huh, nigga smoke something and shut the f**k up!
(Ooooooh Ooooooooohhh)

Exchange rearrange and multiply all the multitude or experience multiple gun shots
Back and chest shots, leg arm and neck shots
Now drop upcoming neck shots or head shots
Aim motherf**ker don’t ask, blast
Smash boom batter and crash
Shells spread from head to head like rashes
When it clashes
Kurupt f**k niggas up get plucked like ashes
Drive by’s drive by night and day
The homie grill in the drive by night and day
For what the f**k we believe in nigga, we willing to die
Jail and fry and watch the heaven’s fry
Tell my momma and my daddy and my daughters by
But pops died with no fear see there’s no reason to cry
I’m a burn the house down bust around 20 rounds
Around and around hollow hideous hellhounds

My heart don’t pump no fear (no fear)
And my eyes don’t shed no tears (no tears)
Just pass and die around here
’cause my heart don’t shed no tears (shed no tears)
I said My heart don’t pump no fear (no fear)
And my eyes don’t shed no tears (no tears)
Just pass and die around here
My heart don’t pump no fear (don’t pump no fear)

(Slip Capone)
We finta ride tonight what if I die tonight
I won’t scream won’t holla and I sure won’t cry
’cause if it’s meant to be the bullet’s meant for me
If I catch a ? and let me rest in peace
I can’t feel no grief don’t feel no pain
Some say I’m cold and bitter some say plain insane
But I ain’t crazy at all I’m not sick in the head
Can’t concentrate on living to busy thinking about the dead
All of my homies is gone shot down in the streets
Let me be the chosen one to represent for the deceased
Go through up and down those in heaven above
Those scattered shot myself and those who I love
If I get shot in the dome I’ll be dead and gone
Pour out a 40 for me and say rest in peace capone
Lower me into the grail into the soil and dirt
Let my soul sleep sound six feet beneath the earth
’cause when I’m under the gun it’s like I’m on top of the world
Escaping the danger bullets almost flipping my curls
It’s an adrenaline rush like a masculine high
Life’s a long ride, but we all die
’cause my heart don’t pump no fear
And I ain’t scared of nobody out here
God hates a coward they told me that when I was young
And F.E.A.R. stands for f**k everything and run

Me and my niggas come strapped (AK’s) With some heavy shit (tech’s)
So if we come in the back come equipped
Run, hide, and duck quick
Before we shake your shit
Before you get battered and bruised and pistol whipped
I get a grip
50100’s and count it up
Me and my niggas mounted and ready to act a fool and act a nut
Who got the flavor can’t control my behavior
Since a teenager I packed automatics and gauges
Switchblades and razors, who the f**k can fade us? (nobody)
Me and my motherf**king dogs outrageous
With a tommy gun it reminds ya son
The battle cry’s and war drums it just begun
Vicious as an alligator the street major
No sorrow swallow my sorrow who can fade us? (nobody)
Within a late night hour I wonder in the dark
And I wonder in my heart just when the 44 sparks

(Ooooooooooooh Oooooooooooooh)
My heart don’t pump no fear


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