Tha Dogg Pound – Every Single Day

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Tha Dogg Pound – Every Single Day

Album: Doggy Bag
Released: 03 Jul 2012
Label:Death Row Records


Every single day, oooh, every single day
I’ve got to have it, every single day
I gotta have it, every single day

Yo it’s on nigga, a stick up motherfucker
“Boo-ya!” went the fo’-fo’, there goes another
Nigga, playin, the roll of the tuffy
Ridin me like a Huffy, niggas that’s tryin to bust me
Watch ya back, cause I’m comin when ya least
Expectin a nigga to start wreaken like a beast
Beauty, it’s my duty to gets wild
Grips the mic and kicks back mad style

[Snoop] One, two, three and to the fo’
[Kurupt] It’s the K-U-R-U-P-T wit tha chrome fo’ fo’
[Snoop] Rat-tat-tat-tat niggas fall to the flo’
[Kurupt] And Dat Nigga Daz come steppin through the do’!

[Snoop Dogg]
Uhh, open up ya mind for a second, now pause, freeze froze
Close doors, Doggy Dogg’s in the motherfuckin house once mo’
A little taste for them niggas that be bitin my flow
Yo, put ya gun away, run away, cause I’m back (got it?)
Hit ’em up, get ’em up, spit ’em up, did ’em up like that
Nigga, so what the fuck can I say?
We droppin shit like this like every single day
I keep a strap in my pocket when I step
Cause niggas be trippin thinkin I’m slippin but I ain’t slip yet
I ain’t sayin I’m untouchable
But if ya fuck wit the Dogg I’mma buck ya though
So, play me if you wanna get played
But what about now Dat Nigga Daz ’bout to get my back blazed
Creep wit me, as I crawl through the hood, every single day

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Every single day (every single day) every single day, every single day
Every single day, every single day, every single day, every single day
Every single day, every single day

[Snoop Dogg]
I come creepin through the fog wit my saggin duce
Eastside, Long Beach in a seven-eight Coupe Deville
Rollin wit the G Funk, bumpin in my shit, and it don’t quit
Droppin on the one motherfucker put together, that’s it
A nigga wit a grip off that gangsta shit
Wit a fat ass sack, some Tanquerey and a bitch
Booty hole naked on my flo’
Give it to the dizzo, let the bitch go
Cause bitches ain’t shit and I don’t LOVE that ho
All I be smokin is that bomb-ass chronic
And in a minute I’m feelin the bionic
See, I come back like a champ, Tyson hit hard as Snoop
He gonna be rockin on the mic when he lit it up, hit’ em wit the Pound
Blood, flying through the sky like a dove
Gotta stay above, H-O-E to the S-N- double O-P, D-O-double G
Pass the number one spot like a ball
From the-the-doc to the motherfuckin Dogg
Yiggy yes y’all cause I fades ’em all
When I’m steppin through the fog and creepin through the smog

I gotta whole army of thoughts, I gotta whole brigade of ryhmes
In a mental state, time to time, I’m engaged in the crimes
Whether in a fix, my experience leaves me to notice
In the mix, no negligence, have you the audacity
To come blastin me, actually I cause catastrophys
Down at blast for me, I’m catastrophic, the shit you must do
Shaky-ass nigga, now how the fuck can we trust you
We’re the cashy, ashes to ash to ashy, dust to dust
I bust when I’m here, when heat flashes
My heat sends heat strokes, my scraps put the scenery
Make niggas choke like inhalin, end up the smoke
So take one toke off the automatic I got stashed in my coat
Under pressure, I come to test ya, extra
Ordinary, rough texture, rough rhymin texture
Expect a, next a, hittin balls to hard balls subject ya
The romantic buildin is the beginnin of ya destiny
Destined to fall, pray to me and D-A-Z
We mash, leave no flaws, we break jaws
Smoke all the chronic wit Daz and my nigga Doggy Dogg

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[Snoop Dogg]
Every single day, every single day
Bitches on our nuts like every single day
Every single day, every single day
Bitches on our nuts like every single day
Every single day, every single day
Smokin on the chronic like every single day
Every single day, every single day
Bitches on our nuts like every single day

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{*singer repeats “Every single day..” to end*}


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