E.D.I. Mean Feat. 8 Ball – Doin’ It Big (Collaboration Album)

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E.D.I. Mean Feat. 8 Ball – Doin’ It Big (Collaboration Album)

Doin’ It Big is the collaborative studio album by American rappers 8Ball and E.D.I.. The album was released on April 1, 2008, by Real Talk Entertainment.

Released: April 1, 2008
Label: Real Talk Entertainment Koch
Producers: Derrrick “Sac” Johnson, Big Hollis, Vince V.


1.”The Business” 0:59
2.”Fuck Niggas” 4:41
3.”It’s Music” 3:56
4.”Super Bowl Big” 3:49
5.”Celebrate” 4:21
6.”Blow It Out” 4:41
7.”Real Down Bitch” 4:16
8.”Don’t Stop” 3:35
9.”All I Need” 0:11
10.”Real Quick” 4:17
11.”Greed” 0:41
12.”Puttin In Work” (featuring MJG) 4:33
13.”Ain’t Gotta Tell Ya” 5:01
14.”At Last” 3:28

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