2Pac – Watch Ya Mouth (Unreleased) (Remix)

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2Pac – Watch Ya Mouth (Unreleased) (Remix)


[Intro: Makaveli]
Let this be my motherfuckin’ reply to that little bitch [?]
(Make sure you bring it ‘Pac)
Around the way type shit
(Yo ‘Pac do that shit Westside style)
All them little hidden words in your raps
All them mixtapes y’all droppin’
Make sure you bring it
Trying to get with me
Bring it live nigga worldwide feel it!
(Don’t forget to talk)

[Verse 1]
You heard it wrong nigga
Ain’t nothing sweet about my techniques
You checking for my breathless quotes I wrote deadly
My history so thoroughly involves destruction
Niggas left with their ass bleeding, lyrical fucking (wooahh)
Open up, first to bust, let me see your heart
Turn the lights down ’cause I might clown in the dark
When I check for the Heartz of Men what do we find?
Niggas watching for my pockets, planning plots on mine
Am I blind
Let my rhymes speak for me in history
A legend you define me
Don Makaveli bitch bow down to Death Row
Fuck what you say we untouchable
Now that we done shook Doc Dre
He ain’t made a beat in six years, swear he the shit
Won’t get no record sales sucking Nas’ dick
Let me get my preach on, nigga drop the beat, I get my freak on
The wrong one for you to speak on
Motherfucker watch your mouth

Come on, come on
Live like this nigga
Come on, come on
Silly nigga
Watch ya mouth

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