2Pac – Untouchables (Unreleased)

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2Pac – Untouchables (Unreleased)

Date: May 31, 1996
Producer: L.T. Hutton


[2Pac talking]
West Side (You punk muthafuckaz) UNmuthafuckinTouchables
(What’s up nigga) With the L.B.C. clique nigga (gang)
Bad boy killa, untouchable
(Hehe, you know what time it is)
Put your guns down nigga, (West Side) we UNmuthafuckinTouchable (Gang)
Die, West Side, outlaw, thuglife, M.O. muthafuckin B
L.B. muthafuckin C
What it be like, what it see like
(You know)

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
Smooth criminal, individual suffer
Went to jail, made bail, seein’ hell, made me rougher, gettin’ money
Funny it seems, young black teens
Triple beam dreams make ’em, fiend for crack scenes
Maybe I’ll fuckin’ make a million
Bustin’ from on top of the buildin’, a victim addicted to killin’
I can see it in my eye sight
Yo what’s the Hassa?
It’s a pig that don’t fly right, you die tonight
Get me high I’m a killa
Lyrics raise drug dealers
Turn ’em to muthafuckin’ thug niggas
L.B.C. come and bare with me
Hang with the same niggas go to jail with me
Bang, with the Outlaw clique
Sick since I came out
Pull out my pistol, aim blow your brains out
Pull it, my every word like a bullet
Hollow point style, murder niggas ’til they feel it
I’m untouchable

[Verse 2: Bad Azz]
I’m that bottom rock, thinkin’ bout no limitation
On comin’ up, (hehe) dealin’ wit’ anybody runnin’ up
They get the gat smack, cracks how my gun goes
Holes in your body and blood all over your clothes
‘Cause money makes earth
What it’s worth, gettin’ hurt
Doin’ dirt to stay spendin’
You can borrow, I mean it
Any, all confrontation on the currency
Here in ’96, fine chips
Stackin’ while I’m mackin’ no mo’
It’s L.B.C. and it’s a no no
Talkin’ what you don’t know and won’t know
Heat hold me down, my chips hold me down
‘Cause I’m quick to rush and what
Nigga we bust ’em up
Cock it back, ready to blow your block off the map
Thug Life niggas ride wit us
Cops tryin’ to get us but they can’t
We untouchable

(gang gang gang)

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
When you’re in the fast lane havin’ money and fame
You got to, always, check, your game
Look here mayne, maintain
Cause this game is a cold thing
Can you dig it mane?
Fo sho’ mayne, I wish I had your game
Look here young dog, do your own thing
Them bitch ass niggas in your clique, buck ’em no
Stay real with yourself and untouchable
See that’s what’s wrong with you niggas now
But uh, me and my dawgs from the Thug Pound
We just paper chasin’, we know nay-thing
Are you relatin’ to the shit we creatin’?

[Verse 4: E.D.I. Amin]
Comin’ through colder then Nova Scotia
Makaveli the Don, coast to post it, make sure it’s Kosher
Now we have peeped the scene, it’s called the lay out
Devised a plot, ease the walls, we gotta take out, shit
So now it’s time to execute, aim for the chest it’s you
Nothing’s cool, when you die, knowin’ you kept it true
But if you didn’t, broken wings
Let it be written, we ain’t kiddin’ to quit and
My missions smellin’ my menace
Sittin’ back, stacked off, spittin’ and sippin’ yak
These fakers play us, gettin’ papers so blackjack
Perhaps, it’s what we all, wanna do
Dreamin’ and schemin’ on livin’, Untouchable

[Verse 5: Yaki Kadafi]
Well it’s the O.U.T.L.A.W’s
And we untouchable
Bringin’ the ruckus
To all you fuckin’ bustaz bubble crews
‘Cause now a days spots we blaze
With dirty nines and Glocks on Yak’s waistline always
The crime on these streets of this world is like a maze
Searchin’ for more stunts, and blunts to blaze
Hustlin’ to get paid,, many different ways
Bodies drop on the other side, and the guns smokes haze
Fuckin’ wit’ outlawz, it’s crazy
These pause don’t break me
They cut like sissies
Who is it, it’s Yaki Kadafi
The grand wizard trump tight
To exquisite, to fuck with cowards
Best to duck quick, and run for safety
If you’re shaky, heard about me lately
But ain’t no jail to straight me
We untouchable

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