2Pac – Thugz Get Lonely Too (OG) (Version I)

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2Pac – Thugz Get Lonely Too (OG) (Version I)

Date: 1993
Producer: Live Squad
Samples: Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend


[Verse 1: 2Pac]
See it ain’t easy being me
Life as a celebrity is less than heavenly
I got these fakes and these backstabbers chasing me around
And it’s always drama, whenever I wanna get around
Momma told me, long before I ever came up
Gotta be true, to what you do and keep the game up
Cause thangs change, and jealousy becomes a factor
Best friends at your wife’s house, tryin to mack her
I’m on tour, but still they keep on knockin at my door
And I got no time to worry, I’m steady wanting more
Every day is a test yes, I try hard
But I’m strugglin with every breath, I pray to God
That the woman that I left at home, all alone
There ain’t nothing like trying to bone, over the phone
In my mind I can see her naked, I can’t take it
Got me shaking at the thought that we can make it
I thought you

[Hook: 2Pac] x2
Thugs get lonely too, thugs get lonely too (I thought you knew)
Thugs get lonely too, thugs get lonely too (And no matter what I do)

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Been in the streets all day, Rogue Doggin it
Hey then punani comes my way, straight callin it
Get me some 151, pineapple juice and Malibu Rum
That mixture got me thinking of raw doggin it
Jim’d on, cause them angels be hotter than brimstone
That’s why the Nina keeping the Jims on, and then bone
Red-light room heated got the red bone seated
On me, repeat it now she’s looking like she can’t believe it
I’m having fantasies tossin under the canopy
Causing calamity sexual insanity
With your firm breasts, chocolatey over my body
Now it’s on just, let me eat you like manicotti
Hold the garlic, cause I’m ready to start it
Touchin me thinking of my women til I’m retarded
I’m thinking Sharon, Kim, Honey J, Shanna Kell, Horny Fay
And how I made them all bust, baby it’s all lust
A killa medley
I love it cause you women make me abuse one of the seven deadlies
We two, Tech and 2Pac will see you
In our room with your Victoria’s Secret see-through
I thought you knew


[Verse 3: 2Pac]
I sit alone in my room drinking, without a care
Talking out loud to you, like you’re there
Take your picture out my back pocket, man it’s on
You’re the first face I wanna see, when I get home
Wanna love you til the sun rise, buckwild
Touchin every wall in the house, thug style
Put your hands on the headboard, think of me
Drippin sweat on top of you, sink and see
This in yo head that I’m makin love, so turn the lights down
Reminisce and relax, cause baby right now
I feel it in the middle of my stomach
You whisper in my ear and baby tell me how you really want it
Hold on tightly, watch the ceilin
Scratch my back’s how you react, let me know you feel me
Cause everything I’m givin to you, is so true
And thugs get lonely too, you know


[Outro: 2Pac]
Yeah, Thug Life Baby
Steady thuggin
Ay so you remember that next time you sweatin me when I’m on the road baby
Thugs get lonely too, we ain’t gotta go through all this bullshittin ass problems
If you wanna be real with me, be real with me
If you wanna be fake, move on to the next one, that ain’t me
You know

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