2Pac – Let’s Fight (Studio Session)

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2Pac – Let’s Fight (Studio Session)

2Pac – Let’s Fight (OG) feat. Capital LS, Buckshot, Cocoa Brovaz, Numskull, Outlaw Immortalz

2Pac – Let’s Fight (Studio Take)

Date: June 15, 1996
Producer: Dat Nigga Daz
Originally recordeded for One Nation


[Capital L.S talking:]

Turn up that motherfuking bass
Call me out

[Tupac talking:]

Yo One Nation nigga
Thought you heard nigga
One Nation

[Capital L.S talking:]

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Fucking bullshit nigga
We got to get this motherfucking loot
Boot Camp Clik
Aight you know what I’m saying
Mad niggas want to talk about that East – West bullshit (baby jesus and the all stars)
But you know it’s all bullshit

[Tupac talking:]

Smiff N Wessun in this motherfucker, right now
Greg Nice in this motherfucker, right now
L.S. In this motherfucking, right now
Baby Jesus And The All Star’s, right now
2Pac and The Outlawz, right now
Got The Luniz in this bitch

[Capital L.S talking:]

We got to put a lock on niggas jawz, so we gonna do it like this, check it out

[Verse One: Capital L.S]

Like lamp shades
Now they rant and rave (rave)
I’m raw
Plus I got more plants to blaze (blaze)
The fiends came back with things (hey)
With files Long as Stant. Isle and back to Queens (come come)
We strap black Mac’s with beam’s (beams)
I’m tight fear
I’m that nightmare that killed that dream (dream)
My gat’s steam, crazy buzz
I slid with twig’s, plus some bid for your baby love (baby)
I’ll play the role till I’m grey and old (hey)
With your pop’s on the pay roll
No doubt
I’m caught out with your daughter
South of the border
Colt made them Outlawz

[Verse One: Tupac]

Check it out
Is it
Money and women
The funny beginnings tragic ending’s
I can make a million and still not get enough of spending
And since my life is based on sinning
I’m hell bound
Rather be buried than be worried
Living held down
My game plan to be trained in
Military mind of a thug lord sitting in a cemetery crying
I’ve been lost since my adolescence calling for jesus
Balling as a youngster wondering if he see’s us
Young black males
Crack sales got me three strikes
Living in jail this is hell enemies die
Wonder when we all pass
Is anybody listening
Got my hands on my semi shoddy
Everybody’s snitching
Please god can you understand me
Bless my family
Guide us all before we fall into insanity
I’m making a point, to make my beating bumping raw life
Drop some shit to make these stupid bitches jawz tight

[Chorus: Tupac] Go, Niggas want to get it on let’s fight
I got some niggas in my click
That make they motherfuckers jawz tight
Go, Niggas want to get it on let’s fight
I got some niggas in my click
That make they motherfuckers jawz tight

[Verse Two: Tek] Chi-Chi bong water bong
‘Nough weed for everyone
Enter the class now we kill you with son
See bad boy with gun, who must just be fun
Or black youth them move about a three ton
Soldier from jungle never take back free shot’s
But that did them aat when man go on them flaat

[Verse Three: Buckshot]

The impulse makes your body pulse beat off a beat per minute (Ohhhh)
As I get up in it
Construction no limit
Pin it like a cat in a dog fight
We gone get it on tonight
For all y’all who put up the wall to stall
But didn’t realize that the weak would fall (weak would fall)
The best pick out of the crop of MC’s (MC’s)
Got rocked by the fact of realness (never has to stop)
Block parties was a thing of the past (thing of the past)
Motherfucker club hopping was suppose to last (Suppose to last)
But all I see, is niggas by the mass (by the mass)
Fuck even bitches came to kick some ass (Kick some ass)
But don’t keep the club close that ain’t my fault (my fault?)
Take them back to a grain of salt (to a grain of salt)
Take the ingedience ever since BDI went solo (Oh)
I hold my cash all for the dolo

[Chorus: Tupac] Let’s
Go, Niggas want to get it on let’s fight
I got some niggas in my click
That make they motherfuckers jawz tight
Go, Niggas want to get it on let’s fight
I got some niggas in my click
That make they motherfuckers jawz tight

[Verse Four: Steele]

Easy up to bring them dukes up (outlawz)
Fuck nigga’s up till they puke up
Shoot up the party if they don’t let me in (spray that shit, where you at?)
Get my whole click to let me in

[Verse Five: EDI] I told ’em
I told ’em
I told ’em
Shut the fuck up
Your voice is hurting working my last nerve
Yo that’s my word I’m about to take off
Break off a chunk of this trick ass chump
Who’s knowing deep in his heart
He ain’t wanting to see no funk
When he drunk
Yeah that nigga done got to him
Ran through him got him thinking he can ruin
Now he thinking I’m persuing
Who’s in, the motherfucking house
’97 we put some paw’s on these motherfucker’s jawz

[Verse Six: Numskull]

I see the same old shit blame it on the jabber jaw’s who blabber all niggas business
Shut your mouth before I shit in it
I got the strength to make their jaw’s tight
Don’t forget hoe’s I got the game to make their draw’s right
Don’t go Hollywood
That’s what they tell me
They bought my fucking tape but I can see that they ain’t felt me
Heard what I said they started chirpin like birdies
Drunk off rum bumpin’ gum’s like girlies
Puttin’ they lip’s all on my Henn’ bottle
Nigga slow down put on the brakes on all that chin gobble
Squabble squabble nigga this is Oakland Beirut
Stop opening up your jaw’s thinking that this whole shit it’s cute

[Verse Seven: Napoleon]

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But it’s this I’m hearing
That young Napoleon is disappearin’
But cancel that shit for I reverse on this clip
And leave you fucked left right something evil
All my life I’ve been trapped down by my own people

[Verse Eight: Yaki Kadafi] I’m on some shit to make your tummy’s turn
Full clip’s ready to pull quick
Fuck all that bullshit I ain’t concerned
It’s evident
I need dead President’s the city slicker
Jerzey jigger
Feel my residence from we turn

[Verse Nine: Napoleon] Talk about times is hard
Come take a trip down my boulevard
At your own risk
Got nigga’s that’s homeless
But’ll leave you scared

[Verse Ten: Yaki Kadafi]

Trapped in these bars of crime
Droppin’ picture my nine hittin’ cowards up from there feet to they spine
In this game all rules apply
With no exception’s all niggas die living high
With no easy exits

[Verse Eleven: Fatal] I’m stickin these niggaz souls to butter
Put em on coupe I was on have me bangin
Before I chose a colour
Leave your body over choking when this gat get to smoking
All you pussies from here to Hoboken
Leave niggas jawz tight

[Chorus: Tupac] Go, Niggas want to get it on let’s fight
I got some niggas in my click
That make they motherfuckers jawz tight
Go, Niggas want to get it on let’s fight
I got some niggas (aiite)

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