2Pac – Flex (OG) feat. Dramacydal

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2Pac – Flex (OG) feat. Dramacydal

Recorded Date: 1992/1993
Producer: Stretch of Live Squad
Released: Holler If Ya Hear Me (Single) (January 29, 1993)
Recorded for Troublesome 21 / Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z…

Sample: Cypress Hill – Hand on the Pump


Flex, flex flex
Flex, flex flex

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
Slippin’ through my shit wondering what hits a kid
Even before the flicks I was always hit to flip the script
Let’s play a game, call catch a bitch, how you play?
Well diss me nigga and catch a fist, you playin’?
Ooo, I know you didn’t expect a nigga to catch wreck
I’m coming from the west, they all slept (Flex)
Cause it’s been a long day
And I get with Johnny Q when niggas rub me the wrong way
Twenty four tracks is fat and all that
Pack smack, jaw crack, after that, can I get my balls back?
Nigga don’t front, just pass the blunt
I freak the funk for the trunks, pop the pump on the chumps
I make ya jump
Dum diddy dump, love to thump
Leaving niggas with Plumps, smoking blunts and skunks
So here it comes, let’s have a gun
Or get done by the worst of our trumps for fun
Pump pump!

Flex, flex, flex flex
Flex, flex flex, flex
Flex flex, flex, flex flex

[Verse 2: Kastro]
OH! duck, prepare to throw nigga, get that ass dropped
Give us mad props and get packed I’m mad hot
So get that caine step to the wrong fuckin’ man
The crew too, fifty niggas in the wrong fan
You fuckin’ bitch you better take you snitch ass homie
You mothersuck to tell us [?] or you damn gone
Boom boom boom niggas better duck or get bucked
Fuck stuck in the damn gut
I tryna tell ya but niggas ain’t feel me
The fuck with dollar wouldn’t that, never hail g
Born for bonus raise up in the stack
Schoolin’, I’m ready to feel pain bet you ass
Will be fillin on the
[?], then you say hi when I pass by
A nigga tryna act fly god bless the nice try
Straight serve, what [?]
Slamming dust, he got some motherfuckin’ nerve
So back fuckin’ and get jacked , dont test
So get wrecked and it will be a mess
If they wanna be a

Flex, flex, flex flex
Flex, flex flex
Flex, flex flex
Flex, flex flex

[Verse 3: Edi Mean]
Hey yo, nothin’ gets buck quick
When he fuck with, and Thoro Headz stuck
Bet you can’t budge with the rough niggas
See, it’s fifty niggas with me, is hundred head raw
Not to mention a countless, I’m not ya ammo
So why would you wanna play a test
You can’t fade the best, since you get laid the rest
Yeah, still wreck, you testin’ your mic full of check tack it
Rep with
Niggas wanna flex it
They call me Big Mac, you put the fuckin bitch
And I’m out here
Five dodge and you will never doubt me
I’m gettin’ flammy on this 2pac jammy
Yo, [?] pistol on the bitch ass benzy
Yeah, like it’s magic we comin’ on that ass
Better attack bitch so get you ass kicked
And if you plannin’ on rush, better stomp fast
Cause in the flat ,I snatch a badge out you mark ass
Ayo, spark, split fifty niggas
They should give us [?] motherfucker some of that [?] nigga
Ill shit they keep holes on the deals nigga
Attacking niggas like shit list with quick hits
So fuck a rhyme if ya feel what I want for tacs
Watch ya back nigga, cause we ain’t quitter

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Thoro Headz motherfucker
Big malcolm, motherfucker indo boy
Strictly representin’ for the motherfuckin’ fuigitive
Them niggas can’t be fucked with
So when I kill die they gon take the shit
All you weak motherfucker get the motherfuckin
Cause my niggas ain’t afraid of flexing you feel me
Young niggas, young niggas

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