2Pac – Black Starry Night / Troublesome 21 / Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z…

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Black Starry Night” was the first title of Tupac’s second album before it was changed to “Troublesome 21“, but was released as ”Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…”.  “Troublesome 21” produced by DJ Daryl was placed on hold, never released, DJ Daryl’s songs were removed and placed on various Tupac albums. “Black Starry Night (Interlude)” was released on R U Still Down (Remember Me?) along with Nothin But Love, Let Them Thangs Go and 16 On Death Row.

Troublesome 21 Cover

1. Mr. Troublesome / Producer: JZ

  • published in Def Jam’s How to be a Player OST (Def Jam, 1997). This track gave name to these recording sessions and is also known as Troublesome 92′ by reference to the “Troublesome 96” from Death Row’s Greatest Hits. “Troublesome was after 2Pacalypse a new Pac’s alias chosen after the media troubles about his first album.

2. Black Starry Night / Producer: DJ Daryl

  • Remixed on R U Still Down (1997) as “Black Starry Night”. 2Pac annonces the featuring of Above the Law, The Underground Railroad…and Treach for maybe the song that has been published on Strictly 4 my Niggaz in beginning 1993. It’s obviously sounding like an introduction for the 1992’s first Strictly 4 My Niggaz sessions.

3. I Get Around [original] feat. Shock G / Producer: Shock G

  • This pre-version is without Money B and feature another short unedited 2Pac verse.

4. Ghetto Gospel / Producer: Big D The Impossible

  • Awfully remixed on Loyal To The Game featuring an improbable Elton John (2004, Amaru).

5. Changes [original] feat. Poppi / Producer: Big D The Impossible

  • Remixed on Greatest Hits (1998, Death Row) with new hook. 2Pac says 1992 in the song. And we know that he recorded it during Troublesome times. Poppi was already a singing voice on “Part Time Mutha”.
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6. Big Time feat. Live Squad / Producer: Live Squad

  • Recorded in 1992 (live-squad.com).

7. Don’t Call Me Bitch feat. Val Young / Producer: LayLaw

  • 2Pac says 92 in the song. Sounds like a Digital Underground production and we can hear Shock G in the backs.

8. Flex feat. Thorow Headz (aka Dramacydal) / Producer: Stretch

  • B-side from “I Get Around/Holler if ya hear me”, single (1993, Interscope). It’s clearly sounding like “Holler If Ya Hear Me”.
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9. Black Cotton feat. Mouse Man / Producer: Big D The Impossible

  • Awfully remixed in Loyal To The Game (2004, Amaru) with Eminem & Outlawz. Before the Thug Life, Mouse Man was the partner of Mopreme Shakur.

10. 16 on Death Row / Producer: DJ Daryl

  • Remixed in R U Still Down (1997). Leftover track from Strictly 4 My Niggaz. Tupac says 92 at the beginng of the song.

11. Revenge of the Soulja (Soldier Like Me) / Producer: Big D The Impossible

  • Remixed and conbined with verse from “Judgement Day” as “Soldier Like Me” in Loyal to the Game (2004, Amaru). 2Pac is rapping with Soulja’s modified voice, alter ego he created in “Soulja’s Story” in 2Pacalypse Now. This sounds like a first session for “Souljah’s Revenge” and “Geuss Who’s Back”.

12. Gaffled Like That feat. The Govenor & Richie Rich / Producer: DJ Darryl

  • Produced by DJ Daryl for Joseph Flowers, better known as “The Gov” featuring Tupac and Richie Rich. The song was recorded at Starlight Studio in Richmond, California and released independently by “The Gov” on cassette.

13. What Goes On feat. Wycked (Mopreme) & Mouse Man / Producer: Big D The Impossible

  • 2Pac says “Now I’m 21”, so we are during Strictly 4 My Niggaz sessions in late 1992.
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14. I Thought U Knew feat. Ryan D (of 51.50 Illegally Insane) / ?

  • This is a re-recorded or a freestyle version of an older song initially called “U Don’t Wanna Battle” from One Nation Emcees sessions in 1989. This is a late featuring with his old partner from their One Nation Emcees group. In 1992, Ryan D was part of a new group called 51.50 Illegally Insane who will publish four albums under that name.

15. Papa’z Song [original dabastard mix] feat. The Wycked (aka Mopreme) / Producer: Stretch

  • B-side of “Papa’z Song” (12”) (1994, Interscope). Probably the first version of the song from Strictly 4 my Niggaz (1993, Interscope). This has no singing chorus here, only scratches

16. Nothin’ But Love feat. Dave Hollister / Producer: Dj Daryl

  • B-side from “I Get Around 7′” (1993, Interscope).

17. Salsa con Soulfood feat. Funky Aztecs, TMD & Money B / Producer: Accrraaa J. Pavel

  • from Funky Aztecs – Chicano Blues (1992). The Funky Aztecs (group close to Pee-Wee of The Underground Railroad) re-used Pac’s verse for the song “Slippin’ into Darkness” from their second album Day of the Dead published in 1995.

18. Still Don’t Give A Fuck / Producer: DJ Daryl

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