1994-11-29 / Tupac Interview Outside Courthouse, Manhattan, N.Y. (Sodomy Case)

On the 29th November 1994, a Manhattan jury had convened to deliberate charges of sodomy, sexual abuse, and weapons possession against Tupac, 23, and his codefendant, Charles Fuller, 24. They stood accused...

1994-03-23 / Tupac Interview by Benjamin Svetkey

Early in the day, Tupac is interviewed by Benjamin Svetkey for Entertainment Weekly. On this day Tupac attends ''Above The Rim'' Launch Party. Tupac Shakur: May I have the vegetable spring roll and dungeness crab...

1994-01-03 / Tupac is interviewed at his home in Atlanta

January 3, 1994, Tupac is interviewed at his new home in Atlanta.

1992-02-02 / Tupac Shakur BET’s Interview With Tanya Hart

Tanya Hart interviews Tupac Shakur for BET - Live from L.A., February 2, 1992 Tanya Hart: ''Tupac Shakur and I go way back. He did his first television interview with me. And All Eyez...

1992-01-01 / First Tupac MTV Interview

In January 01, 1992, Tupac gave his first MTV Interview. Reporter: "What can we expect from 2Pac in '92?" 2Pac: "STATIC. It's gon' be static for sure, cuz what the rap audience ain't ready...

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