1992-02-02 / Tupac Shakur BET’s Interview With Tanya Hart

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Tanya Hart interviews Tupac Shakur for BET – Live from L.A., February 2, 1992

Tanya Hart: ”Tupac Shakur and I go way back. He did his first television interview with me. And All Eyez On Me – The Untold Story of Tupac Shakur – Legends Never Die is going to take us all back through the rise and tragic death of this great talent.

When I first met Tupac Shakur in 1992, he was a rising star. The genre of “Rap Music” was coming to the masses in an unprecedented way, and most folks weren’t happy about it.

Even the vice president at the time, Dan Quyale was speaking out against Rap and specifically Tupac. Shakur had a brilliant mind but he was really too young to understand how much power he had. This brilliance came thru in the interview I did with him. It was his first TV interview and he was nervous but he finally relaxed and we had a great conversation. Here’s a full interview.”

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