1988-11-22 / Tupac’s Love Letter To Beethoven

Tupac came on strong to a high school classmate ... confessing about heartbreak and his love of Prince in an emotional letter that's now up for sale. He wrote the 1988 letter to a...

Look How Discovered Three Notebooks And CD’s Containing Unreleased Tupac Shakur Music

Unreleased Tupac Shakur music, three notebooks hand-written notes and lyrics on sale after being discovered by fan responding to Craigslist ad for baseball cards. The seller's father had 'worked with the rapper for...

Is Thug Life Dead? – Tupac’s Handwritten Letter To His Komradz

Tupac Shakur's declared "Thug Life" was dead to him in an emotional letter that included a road map for his homiez to make it out of the hood -- and that letter...

Point the Finga – Tupac’s Handwritten Lyrics


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