2Pac & Live Squad – Danger Times 

Date: 1994
Producer: Live Squad


Danger Times (Repeat)

[Majesty] It’s on, a dead body found wrapped in the carpet
A healthy pretty baby found cryin’ in the garbage
Walk your dog, she pees on the sidewalk
No movies no clubs, cause you’re bound to get caught
In a mix, runnin for your life, time to get home
See somebody … straight to the dome
For no reason, death is still the season
Everybody’s scared, leave the body bleedin
People runnin frantic, cause the shots are still ringin
These damn thugs, just wont stop the gun slingin
Havin fun in these days, you gotta wear a vest
1-2-5 in the summer’s like the Wild West
Something jump off,
a nigga cap, everybody cap,
Worst about it is every fuckin body’s strapped
All you can do is cross your fingers and hope you’re lucky,
I say …
But if I’m ok when the shots stop, not laying in blood
Hop in my ride, tryin to slide with the ….
Dangerous times, dangerous days, dangerous nights
Everywhere we go the danger’s never out of sight
Junior high school in 86 and 87
They had 38’s and 94 is Mack 11’s
What the hell is going on God?
Pass the indo,
What the hell they killing over Nintendo?
I think the world is ending, and AIDS is the plague
So you can die later if you don’t die today
Mothers cryin, can’t understand it
Their kids gone and he aint even reach a man yet
I try to free the hip hop when i write my lines
But everytime i try, it ends up being crime time,
Go to school, go to the movies, go to the club, go to the store
Turn on the news, its like were living in a war
No one to trust, the cops are the fuckin crooks
In these days, they ain’t going by the books
Proceed with caution, if you’re not you’re lost
In these fucked up times they have no remorse in
Get twisted, the last thing on your mind
You got caught kid, living in these Danger Times


[Stretch] Yo im riding through the back streets
pumpin black beats
stop where the niggas selling crack be
say w’sup to my neighborhood dealers
niggas rolling … , local car stealers
Narks cruising by, they wanna lock us on the way
no eye contact, we wanna lead them astray
but the nigga’s in the backseat looking like a snitch though
cops … , looking like a little bitch yo
so you know I’m …
can’t get caught in the mix
by these fake … cops and they crooked ass tricks
and uh, hold up yo, niggas rollin up, for what?
I don’t know, but they was busters so I gives a fuck
pop a man in his fuckin dome had to yank the chrome,
I forgot I was lurking in the red zone
when the smoke cleared, I see my man was dead,
and the cops on the corner, then a muthafucka fled the scene,
its gotta be a dream yo im buggin
I sit on the scene lookin’ mean mad muggin muthafucka
that I be from the streets
for the first thing jump, I got my hand on my heat
yo its danger times


[2Pac] Yo, will I live or die ?
I don’t know cause it’s stranger times
I’m too high to read the muthafuckin danger signs.
niggas all on my phone talkin major shit
and you mad cause I don’t wanna page you, bitch
now quit being quick to flip
my niggas dying over small time trifling shit
so I ain’t got time for these you know whats
on the nuts of a nigga makin major bucks
I’m all lost, running from the police force,
New York’s finest, comin right behind us
mind flippin off the Moet that a nigga’s sippin
open fire on them bitches if they get to trippin
mob on the scene with the Squad from Queens,
drinkin Hennessey, muthafuckin … green
Plus the mini 14 for the punks wit funk
drop the trunk on them silly bitches, blast them punks