Live Squad – Big Time Feat. 2Pac (OG Unreleased)

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Big Time – Live Squad Feat. 2Pac

Originally recorded for “Game Of Survival” (Live Squad) (Unreleased)
Producer : Live Squad

Lyric : 

I make big money
I make big money
(yeah just what i do, know what im sayin?)
I make big money
I make big money
Big Maj in the muthafuckin house
Check it

Pull a card, here comes the Squad
Sure to bomb, never lost when I’ve sparred
Its hard cuz I’m God!
And comes off the top
Don’t they know a nigga got flavour
Mad cuz I’m sharp as a razor
Bockin’ when I’m walkin’, always tryna take a niggaz fucking picture
Embarassed when my lawyers gettin with ya
I’m larger then life, rather jumbo
The thuggadon niggas, got incredible dope flow
I remain smooth, cops can’t find no evidence
So I’ll just laugh, look at my fucking dead presidents
Sending me decoys with marked money frontin’ yo
What you need G? Nah, I ain’t got nuttin’
I say “Give up ya gun”
Is what I tell em then I step,
wouldn’t be top dog if I was one who slept
So show respect
I’m beyond that, livin’ like Trump,
The only difference is a nigga’s never in a slump
Tax free is what it be G,
Stacking while I’m macking
The Squad is Big Time if you wanna be exactin’
Dealin’ with keys, you see these on the mad tip
Act like you want it and we’ll have to just wreck shit

I make big money
Muthafucka big time
I make big money
We livin big time
I make big money
Muthafucka big time
I make big money
We livin big time
Big money

Niggaz livin big time
Niggaz doin that crime
Niggaz gettin papers
Killin niggaz that thuggadon
We not out to lose our sons, we carry big guns
When we on the scene
They get scared and start to run
But we just, out the scoop
We just keep money in our pocket up
Town in the lexus make us stop and go park it
Step in the cut we got it goin on em solo
Big diamond on my pinky and I’m completely control O
Down and watch to the fuckin sound
Just a young gangsta thug gettin rich on the underground
Now when you ask me the time
You know I flex the rolex
Tell you the time and then I sip on the moet
Get the cipher with the moment, then we roll up my phat spliff
On the way to rob, highway always get us next
Thats when we step to the floor, where all the people be bounces
Fill em up with keys now we weighin from the ounces
Imperial top don, shine like royalty
So its real easy to slide wit a cutie
Steppin out da club wit a cutie thats the sexiest
Hit the alarm switch to my phat lexus
Corner B.B.S is sittin phat like a road hog
Pullin out smooth, leavin motherfuckers dicks hard
Grab the car phone to take care of my business
Call up my people and tell em whats the business
Sorry baby but you gotta go on the block
Cuz I can’t let you nillz know where the fuck my condo
Boned it, disowned it and then I feel no sorrow
Cuz i’m gonna do the same fuckin shit tommorrow
I make big money, big lawyers, fuck the police the bass line
They can’t tell me nothin
You know why?
Cuz I’m livin real big time

Livin big time
I make big money
Muthafucka big time
I make big money
We livin big time
I make big money
Muthafucka big time
Big money

Some say cracks the only way to get your papers
Prepare to catch the vapours
I’m violating niggas like a rapist
Coward coppers couldn’t catch us with a net
The one you love to sweat
How crooked can a motherfucker get?
2Pacalypse Now’s a real knucker
I’m slick and quick to pick her upper
After I fuck her then I duck her
Young Gunz niggas got em frantic
They just can’t understand it
We get wrecked across the planet
Beeper goes off I hit the cellular
Coppers wanna gat me, they can’t sweat me so the hell wit cha!
You get the dick quick while I’m getting rich, bitch
Tried a lunatic, I flip and do some slick shit
Nigga, I’m like Gotti, give me body
Rob you for your drugs then put slugs in your hottie
And ain’t nobody that can stop me
I’m rollin’ with the Squad motherfucker damn posse
Come get your ass rolled up, I kid ya not
This shit I got I’ll have ya sewed up.
16 shots come and get mine,
Fuck you motherfuckers
Cuz I’m finally livin’ Big Time!

I make big money
Livin big time
I make big money
Muthafucka big time
I make big money
We livin big time
I make big money
Muthafucka big time
We livin big time
Muthafucka big time
We livin big time
I make big money
Muthafucka big time
Yo whats the deal man you know?

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