DL: DJ Express – Makaveli 3; Thugs Don’t Die (Part 1) (Cassette Version) (OG First Press) (1997)

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This is a real RARE Makaveli bootleg including the first leaks of unreleased 2Pac recordings (Catalog DATs from 1997), released from the DJ Express, which hit the streets of Los Angeles in 1997.

These bootlegs flooded the USA underground market, then Canada, and the whole world. They were sold everywhere - in shops, gas stations, black market, in the streets, etc.

DJ Express - Makaveli 3; Thugs Don't Die (Part 1) (Cassette Version) (First Press) (1997)

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01 Troublesome
02 Letter To The President
03 Tear Drops & Closed Caskets
04 Friends
05 All Out
06 Cause I Had To
07 Happy Some
08 Secrets Of War
09 Hell 4 A Hustler
10 Worldwide Dime Piece
11 When We Ride
12 Who Do You Believe In
13 Why U Turn On Me
14 Pac's Life

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