DL: Against All Odds -2Pac [07.08.1996]

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Against All Odds -2Pac [07.08.1996]

Artist: 2Pac
Date: 07.08.1996
Producer : Hurt-M-Badd, 2Pac
Recorded for: The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory

Against All Odds (Makaveli Demo)2Pac07.08.19964.00 mb04:20
Against All Odds (Demo 1) [PO242613]2Pac07.08.19964.10 mb04:21
Against All Odds (Demo 2) [PO308710]2Pac07.08.19964.30 mb04:34
Against All Odds (7DT Premix)2Pac07.08.199610.40 mb04:25
Against All Odds (7DT Premix Mixdown 2)2Pac07.08.199610.75 mb04:34

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