2Pac’s Lyrics as Study Material for Universities: How and Why

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2Pac and his music are so famous and widespread around the world that the chances are that those who don’t even know him – have heard his tunes. Even today, he is known as a generational talent to many worldwide. And several of today’s most prominent artists and rappers continue to see him as their inspiration and idol.

2Pac is what is known as a conventional lyricist. This doesn’t mean that his beats weren’t good or that his tracks didn’t have any thump in them. It just means that his words guided his music in such a way that they resound in the hearts and minds of people more than anything else. But unfortunately for all his fans, he was taken way before his time at the young age of twenty-seven. But no matter what, his music lives on and is still regularly played in clubs, restaurants, classrooms, and homes.

But, how deep do his lyrics and words really go?  After almost twenty-six years since his passing, what good can come from them? Is it worthy of studying – and teaching young learners and other curious minds? This article will look at how and why 2Pac’s lyrics can be used as study material for colleges and universities.

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Back to our topic. In no particular order, here’s how and why 2Pac’s lyrics can work as study material for universities.

1) They Teach the Art & Importance of Self-Expression

“I would rather be stricken blind than to live without expression of mind.”

Even with all the technological aids we have today, several people still find it difficult to express themselves authentically. 2Pac, with his constant energy, zest, and truth, enables people to dig deeper into their consciousness and hearts – and churn out the most authentic parts of their beings so they can learn to express themselves without any hesitation.

Because music is loved by all and because rap has one of the biggest audiences in the US, the works of a great artist like 2Pac can be influential in education. Why? Because it teaches the important lessons of life and spirituality through one of the most soothing forms of expression – music.

2) 2Pac Was Always More Than a Rapper; He Was a Poet

“Real eyes realize real lies.”

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Above everything else, 2Pac was an artist, and his primary art form was words and wordplay. In the words of Arvand Elihu (a professor who conducted a Berklee course on 2Pac) – “I realized that he was misinterpreted and that he was literally blessed with the ability to put words together. I started making all these connections with his words and honor and bravery, and I became convinced that his lyrics were poetry. That he’s a modern, contemporary poet of our time.”

During their time at university, students need all the inspiration they can get to harness their knowledge and skills and score better grades. And one of the best ways of doing so could be by including a modern and well-known lyrical genius’s work in their lives. Poets have inspired people around the world for centuries, and 2Pac’s lyrics have the power to do just that! 

3) They Address Several Social & Systemic Issues

“They have money for war but can’t feed the poor.”

Back then, 2Pac was one of the few rappers who rose to fortune and fame despite coming from a neglected part of society. Neither did he have a strong background, wealthy parents, or a clearly defined path in front of him. But instead of complaining, he took what education he got and decided to create his own way. And this choice involved verbalizing and making people aware of the more significant issues his community and race faced daily.

Students and several other people can still learn from the rapper, who many consider in this domain as a prophet. Why? Because he gave his commentary on issues like the drug war and further oppression of the black community – before it became mainstream. His lyrics also drew out several details about various problems that society as a whole was going through.

4) They Teach You Never to Give in or Surrender

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never surrender.”

Tupac lived a majority of his life in the underbellies of the ghetto world, where he witnessed various forms of oppression. Some came from daily atrocities of ghetto life, while others came from the most oppressive systemic outlook and rules. But despite all of this, he never gave up or caved in. In fact, he fought through everything and made his way through the slush as best as he could.

In the world of education, students may often find themselves in disarray caused by daily tasks and several other institutional and social factors. 2Pac’s lyrics and way of life can teach them not to get bogged down by what’s on the outside – and instead, focus on the inside to improve their lives.

Here are some more reasons how and why 2Pac’s lyrics can be used as study material in universities:

  • His words make people introspect;
  • They inspire and teach people to make the most of what they are born with;
  • They are full of metaphors and life lessons; and
  • His writing is highly intuitive, original, and full of depth.
March 12, 1995-Handwritten- poem by Tupac while in prison to Angela Ardis mother.
March 12, 1995-Handwritten- poem by Tupac while in prison to Angela Ardis mother.

The Bottom Line

Some of the most well-known universities to use Tupac Shakur’s lyrics in their coursework are Boston University and Harvard. Such a step also inspired several other educational institutions to include relevant work from famous artists.

And even if not everyone can ride with the rap style and wave, they could still learn a lot from the lyrical genius and legend that is 2Pac. But students should also not get carried away from the supposed rap lifestyle that most modern rappers live by and should absorb only the most valuable parts.

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