2Pac – Throw Your Hands Up (Unreleased OG) (Version II)

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2Pac – Throw Your Hands Up (Unreleased OG) (Version II)

Date: 1993/1994
Producer: Moe Z.M.D. & 2pac
Samples: George Clinton – Aqua Boogie


[Intro: 2Pac] (I love this motherfucka tryna catch me)
(fuck this nigga)
(what’s happen, what’s happen)
(fuck you wanna trip fool, what’s happen nigga fool)
(we can throw it off nigga)
Two niggas about to have a fight, look, look, check it out
(we can throw it off nigga)
(What’s up nigga?, what’s up?)
Throw yo mothafuckin’ hands up nigga, throw yo hands up
That’s right, we gone take it back
These mothafuckas goin’ to start catchin’ lefts and rights and uppercuts
I don’t give a fuck
Put your guns down, lets have fun now
Throw your hands Up, that’s right nigga
We goin’ ol’ school on these suckas

[Verse 1: 2Pac] How many suckas wanna see me
Jealous, cause they peepin’ me on TV
Mad, cause they bitches wanna G me
Now take it easy, it ain’t my fault to see a hooker
You should’ve shook her, don’t playahate me when I took her
Life of a crook, look at them thug niggas ballin’ y’all
I gotcha hoochies full of liquor fuckin’ all of y’all
And my, name!!, will be synonymous with spittin’ game
Slangin’ ‘caine, it ain’t the same, niggas better change
Them 3 strikes will have ya stretched fo’ life
Get arrested twice The third time fo’ life
And I, don’t think you understand me G
That Penitentiary time just ain’t the plan for me
I got a, new thang; getcha papers and do thangs
Niggas ain’t followin’ ya true game
Cause if they was, they wouldn’t be runnin’ for they trunk
Every time that it’s time for funk
Mothafucka throw yo hands up

[Hook: 2Pac, Killa, Moe ZMD & Ronnie Love] Leave the guns and the knives at home
Don’t be a punk ass nigga when the time is on
Throw ya hands (just throw ya hands up)
Throw ya hands up in the air (get ’em up, come on)
Throw ya hands up
Leave the guns and the knives at home
Don’t be a punk ass nigga when the time is on
(we no punk ya little trick ass nigga, come on)
Throw ya hands up (just throw ya hands up)
Throw ya hands up (get ’em up)

[Verse 2: 2Pac] Could it be, that controversy was my destiny
I let my anger get the best of me
Everywhere we hang its the same thang
In ’95 you can die if ya gang bang
You could survive, gettin’ high like a true G
Can’t close my eyes cause these cowards wanna do me
And sue me I’ve been hustlin’ since day one
Out on the block and never stop until my pay come
But now a days Its like bang, bang, duck quick
I guess you rookies tough shit, cause you bust clips
But suck dick, cause a kid got his cap pealed
The rap deal from the phonies who pack steel
And act ill, Everybody wanna act hard
I swear to god It’s the season to pull a nigga card
You fuckin’ frauds can’t handle business like a soldier
I bet you too petrified to throw it from the shoulders
Nigga, now throw your hands up

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