2Pac – Representin’ For Ron G aka The Heat feat. Stretch, Keith Murray & It’s Alive

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2Pac – Representin’ For Ron G aka The Heat feat. Stretch, Keith Murray & It’s Alive

Date: November 30, 1994
Producer: Ron G
Available on “Ron G Presents The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” Mixtape





Uh, Yeah,
One time representin’ for Ron G (Yeah)
You know what I’m sayin’? (That’s right)
Thug Life in effect, 2Pac and Big Stretch

Straight from the terra dome
Where my niggaz packin’ chrome
An extra clip when its on
Never will I go left, I’m comes right, all night nigga
With Ron G, blessin’ me, with the hype nigga
I punch em up
Never gave a fuck
Holdin’ it down
Straight catch it for you goodies then I slide up town
You know the flav
You know i love to misbehave
This ain’t a maze
We’ll leave you niggaz dead in a daze


Follow me, tell me if you feel me
I think niggaz is tryin’ to kill me
Picturin’ pistols, spittin’ hollow points till they drill me
Keepin’ it real, and even if I do conceal
my criminal thoughts, preoccupied with keepin’ steel
See niggaz is false, sittin’ in court, turned snitches
that used to be real, but now they petrified bitches
I’m tryin’ to be strong, they sendin’ armies out to bomb me
Listen to Ron, the only DJ that can calm me
Constantly armed, my firepower keep me warm
I’m trapped in the storm, and fuck the world till I’m gone
Bitches be warned, word is born you’ll get torn
I’m bustin’ on Guiliani, he rubbin’ my niggaz wrong
And then it’s on, before I leave picture me
I’m spittin’ at punk bitches and hustlin’ to be free
Watch me set it, niggaz don’t want it, you can get it
Bet it make these jealous niggaz mad I said it
This’ Thug Life, nigga we don’t cater to you hoes
fuck with me, have a hundred motherfuckers at ya do’,
with fo’-fo’s

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Hahahahaha, yeah nigga
Thug Life, the waterbed, deadly combination boy
Get up outta here before you get your fuckin’ head shot off
So your ass feel better, This how we do it out here on this underground real shit nigga
Watch out nigga this is ’95, niggaz barely stayin’ alive
You know what I’m saying outta court, Fuck what you thought
Better stop thinking these niggaz is fan
Ron G ain’t no mother motherfucking joke
In the heat nigga, now rewind this motherfucker, you know you can’t help it

[Keith Murray]

Keith Murray is coming from the northside, leaving everything left as it’s guessed
with every breath past proceed the word to death
This is a Keith Murray type of D-Day, so melee
Cause I got more skills than a sensay
Searching for the bottom my flow, your finished
My style is still the flyest most transparent
on this motherfucking planet
I wish a nigga would try to take it for granted
I’m mad as fuck and my lifestyle is shady
So hey yo Big Lyte, best of three
You see me, you see the L.O.D.
Purpolsley phsyco, so magically
M.V.P. of the M.I.C. Rap industry
And shit is still real,
Here put this shit up against your grill
Niggaz know my style
Niggaz know I’m ill
Moet in the palm
Flip then I stay real calm
For niggaz tryin’ to force the long arm
Feel the steel in ya face as I raise the base
And the pace, in ya face
Punk ass bitches know what time it is with N.Y.C.
Niggaz go purely crazy
Bitch ass niggaz get blasted
One, blah, catch it son
Motherfuckers know directly where I’m from
I’m dead serious from Long Island
From the east coast
Nigga you get burnt like toast
Cause I dont give a fuck
Who dont give a fuck?
We dont give a fuck
You dont give a fuck
So go buck buck buck buck
And duck like a chicken when I’m coming through, baking you
Motherfuckers know my time and they know my name
And my crew, L.O.D.
Simply whiling, for Ron G
U.S.A., you see
Keith Murray, coming through in the fly shit
Fuck around kid, you get your wig split
I don’t have it,
Ron G don’t have it,
Big Lyte don’t have it
When you see it don’t try to grab it
Cause it glitters and its real gold
Fuck what you heard, and listen to what you been told

Yea but that shit on hold
One peice of the L.O.
Death squad
By boy 2Pac, you know what I’m sayin’?
Eric Skinner up in this beast
Niggaz got slaid on the edge you know what I’m sayin’?
Eric Sermon and the death squad, y’all word up
New York in this motherfucker
East coast, west coast
from the north south to the…

[It’s Alive]

Hard times but hard rhymes,
then we picked up nines
and after that i had gotten into a life of crime
gettin’ mine stickin laws killin niggaz in the mix,
I couldn’t give a fuck I never loved them tricks
to stay up with my set game, bangin when i have to,
never ever fail and always down to bust the caps
at you and thats how it went to pay the rent,
and up in cali niggaz know im gettin paper
and now its gettin harder one times is on my tail,
I head to new york cuz i don’t wanna go to jail,
I’m lightin up with my nigga Ron G
its the waterbed nigga cant you see?
nothing but the motherfuckin bass in your face
no more crime im doing rhyme, and gettin’ mine up in the place
bitches on my dick motherfucker cant survive
and nigga recognise motherfucker it’s alive!

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