2Pac – Holler If You Hear Me (Unreleased OG) Feat. Live Squad

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2Pac – Holler If You Hear Me (Unreleased OG) Feat. Live Squad

Date: 1992
Producer: Live Squad
Samples: Syl Johnson – Different Strokes

[Intro – 2PAC]

Yeah, it’s on.
Muthafucking Live Squad in the house.
We gonna set this shit off for these old square ass punk motherfuckers.

[Verse 1 – 2PAC]

It’s on, it’s on, it’s on.
Holla if ya hear me….
I got a nine thing ready to go BANG BANG!
On the first crooked cop that even comes near me.
I beg your pardon, call the guards in
Can’t wait (Chiefs gate)
to see your face, better move to another state.
BOOM BOOM my ballistics slugs are realistic,
The 12 guage will leave you twisted.
The government is getting shadier,
And therefore, niggas getting crazier.
Huh, and 5-0 can’t fade the havenotz,
Shoulda learned when them OGs trashed Watts
Move on, move on, move on,
Still wicked, learned to kick it, get my groove on.
And you can say no to drugs, but you can’t say no to the thugs with slugs.
Tell the president it’s evident war,
Wouldn’t know a gangbanger from a fucking whore!
Rather read the Source, flip through rap pages, black pages, picking on black races.
We don’t even know the scoop, and the truth is the troops can’t hold the youth.
Send em down with they tanks and AK-47s, what the fuck you niggas drinking?
Now tell me what you’re thinking?
You can roll through the hood and not get a spankin’,
Niggas got they strap on,
When they pop a cap it’s ain’t never black on black,
They watching where they shoot, and they careful where they loot,
Check the fields and you’ll find proof
Black business staying til the end,
fooled a nigga one time won’t work again.
Let’s get along with the Mexicans, and we can all have peace on the sets again.
And I love it when they fear me,
If I’m spittin’ see it clearly,
Nigga holla if ya hear me.
holla if ya hear me
yeah, nigga… holla if ya hear me
holla if ya hear me



To the preacher in the pulpit peep it
If you’re gonna preach about turn the other cheek you can keep it.
In ’92 niggas don’t need it,
They beating brothers in the streets and you’re talkin’ bout peace.
Now ain’t that some fly shit,
just sit, be quiet, wait to die quick.
Listen to y’all, we lost Malcolm and Hampton,
Instead of an army we was marching and chanting

“We shall overcome”

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Though we can’t do shit with a rock and a stick.
Niggas better learn to shoot a fucking gun.
And I’ve done heard enough from,
The racist bitch ass judge and the white trucker.
He should’ve kept his mouth on shut,
Wanted to kick dust til some niggas rolled his ass up.
And when I see the first full moon,
I’m coming after Koon, watch a nigga go BOOM BOOM!
Then I want Briseno,
Two to the head, now he’s headed out to Reno.
And stuff Powell in the trunk let him ride,
Tie him up nigga watch his friend Wind die
Young Guns, niggas better fear me,
Mothafuck the cops,
You’re best to holla if ya hear me.
Yeah, holla if you muthafuckin’ hear me.
It’s on once a-muthafucking-gain
Young Guns International.
All across this muthafuckin’ country.
Yo Maj, spark that shit

It’s a miracle, I was born to amaze.
Put em in a daze, in the morgue is where I’ll make em stay,
Undeniable kid I’m coming through,
With authority, ever since I was a toddler was disorderly
Puff a blunt, roll a clip, make dough,
Grab a ho, but move her slow, gotta do it quick, then she gotta go.
We’re thuggadon kingpins, your Majesty,
Springfield, Young Guns causing tradegy.
We got him in a smash, for his life he just begged,
But I chopped his ass up and sent his mama his god damn legs,
Black mafia, huh, this is organized crime,
That’s how it is where I’m from, if you don’t know the time,
Impact from the blast, breaking down walls,
A five feet killer with no sense at all
Inner city, ain’t it a pity, seems it will never end,
Then they killed my friend, now to Hell I’m gonna send,
a lot of motherfuckers, cuz that’s how it goes,
Til another nigga puts me down below.
Yeah, so holla if ya hear.
Move something muthafucker.
[2Pac] Yeah, Maj, spit on that nigga man, shoot that nigga.
Yo Stretch drop the bomb, yo Stretch drop the bomb.
Yeah muthafucker


God Damn, uh!
Let a nigga clear my throat,
Niggas blowing up shit, gotta flow in the smoke.
So if ya hear me, holla, don’t fear me,
but when I drop the mic don’t want no groupie niggas near me
Rockin the squad, the big shots is where the marks is
What they don’t know is that they fuckin’ with the Heartless.
Reigning supreme, it’s not a dream, nigga listen,
When the YGz roll cops start pissing
So holla if ya hear me.

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