Tupac Rare Photos

1989-01-30 / Flavor Flav & Tupac at the American Music Awards

In 1989 Flavor Flav and Tupac Shakur hung out backstage at the American Music Awards greeting fans. Flavor, gripping a Bic pen, looks like he's about to, or has been, signing autographs....

1996-03-15 / Tupac In Las Vegas (Tyson’s Match)

On March 15, 1996, Tupac and Suge Knight visit Las Vegas to attend a boxing match Tyson-Bruno, the next day.

1996-04-01 / Tupac Photoshoot by David LaChapelle

April 01, 1996, Tupac Photoshoot by David LaChapelle. David LaChapelle: "We did another shoot where he posed as a slave on a cotton field. They traced rapping and rhyming to “call and repeat”...

1995-11-18 / Tupac’s Photos With Sarah Chapman

On November 18, 1995, Tupac was photographed with Sean “Diddy” Combs’ baby mama, Sarah Chapman. See also: Kidada Jones: “Tupac Was The Love Of My Life.''

1994-11-01 / Tupac & Stretch Attends Lords Of The Underground Album Release Party

On November 01, 1994, Tupac & Stretch attends Lords Of The Underground ”Keepers of the Funk” album release party at Country Club in Manhattan, New York. 2pac attended the Lords Of The Underground ”Keepers...

1993-09-10 / Tupac At The 1st Annual Minority Motion Picture Awards

On September 10, 1993, Tupac attended the 1st Annual Minority Motion Picture Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

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