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1993-07-16 / ”A Different World” Scheduled To Air For First Time

On July 16, 1993, A Different World episode 142 entitled "Homey, Don't Ya Know Me?" is scheduled to air for the first time. The episode guest stars Tupac as Piccolo. However, NBC pulls...

1993-06-17 / Last Episode of ”A Different World”

On June 17th, Tupac appeared on the last episode of A Different World. He played Picolo, Lena's old boyfriend. 2Pac - A Different World Part 1 2Pac - A Different World Part 2

1993-05-25 / Tupac went to the premiere of Menace II Society

On May 25, 1993, Tupac went to the premiere of Menace II Society. Police were called after Tupac beat his Mercedes Benz with a object in the street in front of his house....

1993-07-23 / “Poetic Justice” In Theaters & Palladium, New York City

On July 23, 1993, “Poetic Justice” is released in theaters. Tupac with Notorious B.I.G. Palladium, New York City (Guest artists Redman and Puff Daddy) Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

1991-02-16 / 2Pac appeared in ”Nothing but Trouble” movie.

On February 16, 1991, 2Pac and Digital Underground appeared in ''Nothing but Trouble'' movie.

1992-01-17 / Premiere Of The 2Pac’s ”Juice” Movie

In January 17, 1992, Tupac attend on Premiere Of ''Juice'' Movie

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