1994-03-01 / Tupac & Madonna Attends at The Interview Magazine Party, N.Y.

On March 01, 1994, Tupac and Madonna attends at the Interview Magazine party in New York City.

1994-03-31 / Tupac At Los Angeles International Airport

March 31, 1994, Tupac at Los Angeles International Airport.

1989-01-30 / Flavor Flav & Tupac at the American Music Awards

In 1989 Flavor Flav and Tupac Shakur hung out backstage at the American Music Awards greeting fans. Flavor, gripping a Bic pen, looks like he's about to, or has been, signing autographs....

1993-08-18 / Tupac Photoshoot by Danny Clinch

On August 18, 1993, Tupac shot one of the most memorable photo session with photographer Danny Clinch in New York. “There’s a session that everybody always asks me about with Tupac Shakur in 1993....

1996-04-02 / Tupac “Becoming Clean” Photoshoots by David LaChapelle

On April 02, 1996, Tupac shot photo session called "Becoming Clean", thanks to the unique photographer David LaChapelle. "Tupac was great, he was very sensitive and is truly a good person. I wrote to his mum...

1995-12-30 / Tupac & The Outlawz Photo Shoots / Chi Modu

On December 30, 1995, the legendary photographer Chi Modu make unique photo shoots in Wyndham Belage Hotel West Hollywood. In photos show there was a great mood. Tupac did some solo photos, one of which...

1993-11-20 / Tupac Out On Jail – $50,000 Bail

Tupac is released from jail on $50,000 bail. See also : Tupac Shakur Trial Abuse: 1994-95 (Full information) Tupac’s  Story Tupac’s Shooting New York 1994  Ayanna Jackson’s Story 18 Days After Tupac Arrested (18 November, 1994)

1993-09-10 / Tupac At The 1st Annual Minority Motion Picture Awards

On September 10, 1993, Tupac attended the 1st Annual Minority Motion Picture Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

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