1992-03-20 / Agreement For Tupac Role in ”Poetic Justice”

March 20, 1992 - Agreement For Tupac Role in ''Poetic Justice''

1992-06-10 / 32 Bottles 2 Ghetto Heaven – Handwritten Screenplay

In June 10, 1992, Handwritten screenplay for a film called “32 Bottles 2 Ghetto Heaven”

1992-05-16 / Set on ”Poetic Justice” Movie / Janet Jackson’s Birthday

Janet Jackson's Birthday Set on ''Poetic Justice'' Movie in May 16, 1992

1992-05-06 / Released: ”If My Homie Calls” (Music Video)

In May 06, 1992 was released  If My Homie Calls (Music Video)  

1992-04-11 / Ronald Ray Howard Shoots a Texas Trooper While Listen 2Pacalypse Now’s Album

In April 11, 1992,  Ronald Ray Howard, aged 19, shoots a Texas trooper. Howard’s attorney claims 2Pacalypse Now incited him to kill. On June 30, 1993, Ronald Ray Howard was convicted of murder. 'The music affected...

1992-04-14 / Tupac Started Filming Poetic Justice

In April 14, 1992,  Started Filming Poetic Justice

1992-04-11 / Tupac ”Poetic Justice” Interview

In April 11, 1992, Tupac interviewed while working on Poetic Justice, Los Angeles, CA.

1992-02-12 / Tupac Аttended а Ed Lover’s Birthday & Imitating Scarface

In February 12, 1992, Tupac attended а Ed Lover's Birthday in Miami. After the party Tupac clowns in front of a home video camera in his hotel room, impersonating Al Pacino from the movie...

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