Tupac Interviews


1995-10-19 / Tupac Interview With Chuck Phillips (First Interview After Jail Release)

On October 19, 1996, Tupac Shakur is holed up in the control booth of a dimly lit Tarzana recording studio. Same day: Tupac Divorces Keisha Morris Bobbing his head and grinning, the 24-year-old rapper turns...

1995-01-15 / Tupac Interview (Kevin Powell for Vibe magazine)

On January, 15, 1995, Awaiting sentencing in the city jail on Rikers Island, Tupac gave an exclusive interview to Kevin Powell for Vibe magazine. In the sit-down, Tupac implicated Biggie, Combs, and...

Tupac & Richie Rich (Black Watch TV Interview), 1993

Legendary video footage from 1993 on Black Watch TV, in which we can see 47 mins of rare footage of Tupac and Richie Rich. They eat pizza, smoke blunts and talk about...

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