Timeline 1993

1993-12-01 / Tupac In Court : Off Duty Police Hearing (Atlanta)

Tupac attends a hearing in Atlanta on charges of shooting two off-duty police officers . 2Pac and Mark Whitwell, one of the police officers, are both bound over Fulton County Superior Court...

1993-11-24 / Tupac is Indicted On Sexual Assault Charges

On November 24, 1993, Tupac and two "friends" (Charles Fuller & Jacques Agnant aka Haitian Jack) are indicted on sexual assault charges in courtroom 120 at 100 Center Street in downtowm Manhattan. The police...

1993-11-23 / Tupac : The Police Destroyed An Audiotape

Tupac claims that the police destroyed an audiotape that would have cleared him of all charges.

1993-11-20 / Tupac Out On Jail – $50,000 Bail

Tupac is released from jail on $50,000 bail. See also : Tupac Shakur Trial Abuse: 1994-95 (Full information) Tupac’s  Story Tupac’s Shooting New York 1994  Ayanna Jackson’s Story 18 Days After Tupac Arrested (18 November, 1994)

1993-11-14 / Tupac Introduced To Ayanna Jackson (Pac’s Accuser)

On November 14, 1993, Tupac had been introduced to Ayanna Jackson while at a downtown New York nightclub (Nell’s) with Haitian Jack and King Tut. Eyewitnesses say Ayanna Jackson engaged in oral sex...

1993-11-01 / Tupac Records “Who Do U Luv” in Manhattan

On November 01, 1993, Tupac records "Who Do U Luv" in Manhattan. The track is originally supposed to appear on Queen Pen's demo tape, but Tupac liked it so much that he...

1993-11-01 / Charges Filed Against Tupac For Shooting Two police Officers

On November 01, 1993, Charges Filed Against Tupac For Shooting Two off Duty Police Officers In Atlanta, GA. See also: 1993-10-28 / Tupac In Atlanta Municipal Court

1993-10-28 / Released : ”Keep Ya Head Up” (Single)

 On October 28, 1993, ''Keep Ya Head Up'' Official Single was released.

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