Thug Life Vol.1


2Pac – Bury Me A G (OG Solo) Feat. Natasha Walker 1994

2Pac - Bury Me A G (OG Solo) - Feat. Natasha Walker Date: 1994Producer: THUG MUSICStudio: Echo Sound Studios, Los Angeles, CaliforniaRecorded for Thug Life Vol.1 DOWNLOAD Lyric: Bury me a GBury me a GThug LifeYou know...

08. 2Pac – Street Fame – Thug Life Vol.1

„Street Fame“ – 2Pac/Mopreme Shakur/Rated R/Big Syke Producer : Stretch, JMJ Lyrics : Turn it up in my head phones (Coming to a ghetto near you, street fame) More  Haha, coming to a ghetto near you,  I wasn't mad until these...

07. 2Pac – Under Pressure feat. Stretch – Thug Life Vol.1

„Under Pressure“ Producer : Thug Music Lyrics : Under Pressure Yeah, Babyyy When tha pressures on... when it's on it's on One of these days i'll learn don't fuck with trick ass niggas cause they turn into bitch ass niggas i'm sick of bein stuck...

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