Poetic Justice

1992-05-16 / Set on ”Poetic Justice” Movie / Janet Jackson’s Birthday

Janet Jackson's Birthday Set on ''Poetic Justice'' Movie in May 16, 1992

1992-04-14 / Tupac Started Filming Poetic Justice

In April 14, 1992,  Started Filming Poetic Justice

1992-04-11 / Tupac ”Poetic Justice” Interview

In April 11, 1992, Tupac interviewed while working on Poetic Justice, Los Angeles, CA.

Poetic Justice (OST) (June 29, 1993)

''Poetic Justice'' soundtrack was released on June 29, 1993, through Epic Records' sub-label, Epic Soundtrax, and consisted of a blend of hip hop and contemporary R&B. The album was a success, making...

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