1996-08-12 / Tupac Recorded ”Black Jesus” with Outlaw Immortalz & Val Young

On August 12, 1996, Tupac recorded ''Black Jesus'' in Can-Am Studios (Tarzana, CA) with Val Young, Yaki Kadafi, Storm, Hussein Fatal, Kastro. Produced by 2pac & Hurt-M-Badd Black Jesus (Original Version 1) Black Jesus (Original Version 2) Black...

1996-08-12 / Tupac Recorded ”Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong”, ”Black Jesuz” & ”Just Like Daddy”

On August 12, 1996, Tupac recorded three songs in Can-Am Studios (Tarzana, CA): Ain't Nothin' Wrong (Interlude) / Leaked in 2016. Black Jesuz feat. Yaki Kadafi, Storm, Young Noble, Kastro, Val Young, Tyrone Wrice / Produced...

1996-07-22 / Tupac Records ”The Good Die Young” & ”In Gods Eyez” (Unleaked)

On July 22, 1996, Tupac records two songs: ''The Good Die Young'' feat. Val Young, Napoleon, Young Noble, Kastro, E.D.I. Mean, Young Noble), Produced by Darryl "Big D" Harper ''In Gods Eyez'' is unleaked yet.

1996-06-17 / Day 4 – ”One Nation” Project

On this day (June 17), Tupac welcomes a supergroup Boot Camp Clik in front of the Can-Am studios and continues recording for ''One Nation'' project. Recorded songs: Tattoo Tears feat. Young Noble, Napoleon,...

1995-09-30 / Outlaw Immortalz Visits Tupac In The Prison

 On September 30, 1995, newly formed Tupac's group Outlaw Immortalz visits him in the prison. Waiting for the soon release from prison of Tupac, they discuss their future projects. Tupac, Malkie, Kastro, Big Syke...

2Pac – Reincarnation (OG) feat. Kastro, E.D.I., Hussein Fatal & Lemika

2Pac - Reincarnation (OG) feat. Kastro, E.D.I., Hussein Fatal & Lemika Date: June 10, 1996Producer: Johnny "J" JacksonStudio: Can-Am Studios, Tarzana, California DOWNLOAD Lyrics: Intro: 2Pac](Are you scared to die?)Is reincarnation(Are you afraid to die?)Reach the...

2Pac – Killuminati feat. Outlaw Immortalz (OG 2) (Full Intro)

2Pac - Killuminati feat. Outlaw Immortalz (Original Alternate Version 2) with Full Intro. This is full untampered version. Date: July 08, 1996Producer: Tony PizarroStudio:Can Am Studios, Tarzana, California DOWNLOAD See also: 2Pac - Killuminati feat. Outlaw Immortalz...

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