If My Homie Calls

Tupac & ”Walker Wear” Lifestyle Fashion Brand

April Walker is the founder of Walker Wear, a clothing brand that was worn by all of the top entertainers and athletes of the early 1990s, from Tupac,  L.L., Aaliyah, The Notorious B.I.G..,...

2Pac – „Peep Game“ Sampled Of “If My Homie Calls” by 2Pac

The Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z's Song 2Pac - „Peep Game“ Was Sampled Of "If My Homie Calls" by 2Pac. Produced by Bobby „Bobcat“ Ervin.

1992-01-12 / Tupac – ”If My Homie Calls” iFameTV “Dance Party USA” Rare Live

Rare live TV performance from Tupac Shakur who was about to blow up & was yet to become the icon we now know, love & miss so much. Also includes the trailer of...

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