Brothas In the Pen

DL: 2Pac – Brothas In The Pen feat. Mopreme Shakur, Mouse Man [Unreleased]

Brothas In The Pen is a 2Pac song featuring Mopreme Shakur and Mouse Man, recorded on September 27, 1992 and produced by Truman Jefferson. Here you go the best-remastered version of the song. DOWNLOAD

1992-09-27 / Tupac Record ”Brothas In the Pen” & Fired From “Menace II Society”

On September 27, 1992, In one day Tupac records ''Brothas In the Pen'' (Unreleased), ''Representin’ 93'', ''Broken Branches'', produced by Truman Jefferson and fired from “Menace II Society” movie. While the film proved to...

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