Who is Mike Cooley? Mentioned In Many 2Pac Songs


Mike Cooley is mentioned in many 2Pac songs, he was with 2Pac when he saw the story which influenced Pac to write “Brenda’s got a baby”Mopreme Shakur said Mike Cooley gave 2Pac money to record, and that 2Pac would have still been on the streets without him.

Mopreme Shakur, Mouse Man, Tupac Shakur, Man Man and Mike Cooley – far right on the photo

Here is 2Pac, Mouse Man and Mike Cooley on stage

Strictly Dope – 2Pac, Puki, Byrone Cap B Dedrick, Mike Cooley (with cap) & Lasean Woods

Mike Cooley was mentioned in these songs:

2Pac Clothing Ads
2Pac Clothing Ads
2Pac Clothing Ads
2Pac Clothing Ads

Hellrazor: ”Hell motherfuckin yeah
This one goes out to my nigga Mike Cooley, hell yeah

Dopefiend’s Diner: ”Well my homie, Michael Cooley, Said let’s go and make our order

Black Starry Night (Interlude): ”I owe him, thanks to my man Mike Cooley and the rest of out fathers”

Pour Out a Little Liquor: ”Yeah, pour out a little liquor for your homies nigga
This one here go out to my nigga Mike Coolie

2Pac, Mike Cooley, Mac Mone & Man Man