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1990-01-01 / Digital Underground with 2Pac (First Japan Tour)

Chopmaster J: ''We basically ended up in Japan over in Yokohama. So these Japanese girls, they were flirting with us, you know, over there in the parking lot before we were even getting...

Tupac’s List of Concerts & Live Performances [Updated…]

This is the most complete list of Tupac's performances on the stage - concerts and shows, without freestyles. 2Pac (First Concert) 1989 Marin City Festival Digital Underground with 2Pac (First Japan Tour) January 01, 1990 Shock G, Chopmaster...

New Leaked: Tupac’s “Dear Mama” LIVE (Full Version)

On This Day, June 09, 2018 leaked full version of Tupac's "Dear Mama" live at the third annual "Single Mother's Luncheon" on "Mother's Day" with his mother, Afeni Shakur at the Regent Beverly Wilshire...

1992-04-11 / Tupac Live Performance at ‘Glam Slam West’

On April 11, 1992, Tupac performed live at Prince’s ''Glam Slam West'' nightclub in Los Angeles, California. Tupac is on stage along with his half-brother Mopreme Shakur and Dana Smith aka Mouse Man. Coolio...

1993-04-16 / Tupac Performed at the Capitol Theatre in Flint, Michigan

Tupac Performed at the Capitol Theatre in Flint, Michigan. The date was April 16, 1993. On that April 16 date, Tupac was in and out of court as he appeared before Judge David...

1995-09-20 ”Can U Get Away” Freestyle At Clinton Correctional Facility

On September 20, 1995, Tupac perform acappella of ''Can U Get Away'' song of the ''Me Against The World'' album at Clinton Correctional Facility. This performance was released in Tupac Uncensored & Uncut: The Lost...

1993-10-24 / Tupac Performs a Freestyle in Madison Square Garden

October 24, 1993 Tupac performs a freestyle on stage with Big Daddy Kane, Biggie Smalls, Scoob Lover and Shyheim for the Budweiser Superfest in Madison Square Garden. Big Daddy Kane invited 2Pac and...

1993-07-19 / Tupac – I Get Around (Arsenio Hall Show)

On July 19, 1993, Tupac is a guest on the Arsenio Hall Show. Tupac performs the song „I Get Around“. Tupac talks about working with Janet Jackson and Hip Hop's influence on real life situations.

1990-05-03 / Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance (Live at Arsenio Hall Show)

May 3, 1990, One of Tupac's first TV appearances with Digital Underground (Tupac and Money B dancing) on Arsenio Hall Show.

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