неделя, април 22, 2018

1992-01-31 / “Monsters Of Rap” Pay Per View Concert (Videos &...

On January 31, 1992, "Monsters Of Rap" Pay Per View concert featuring Live performances by Naughty By Nature, a rear performance by Tupac, Queen...

1992-04-19 / Tupac Filming ”If My Homie Calls” Official Music Video

On April 19, 1992, Tupac filming ''If My Homie Calls'' official music video. Director: Tupac Shakur. Released: May 6th, 1992. A music video was also made for this...

1992-06-27 / Tupac Arrives To The Set of Poetic Justice Late...

In June 27, 1992, 2Pac arrives to the set of Poetic Justice late and upset.

1992-05-06 / Released: ”If My Homie Calls” (Music Video)

In May 06, 1992 was released  If My Homie Calls (Music Video)  

1992-04-29 / Tupac gets involved in the LA Riots

Tupac gets involved in the 1992 LA Riots. - The riots erupted on April 29 after a trial jury acquitted four LAPD police officers...

1992-01-17 / Premiere Of ”Juice” Movie

In January 17, 1992, Tupac attend on Premiere Of ''Juice'' Movie

1992-08-22 / Killing 6-year old Qa’id Walker-Teal in Marine City

On August 22, 1992, in Marin City, California, Shakur rapped at an outdoor festival, and stayed for an hour signing autographs and pictures. Some...

1992-03-20 / Agreement For Tupac Role in ”Poetic Justice”

March 20, 1992 - Agreement For Tupac Role in ''Poetic Justice''

1992-06-16 / Tupac Bought a Black Jeep Cherokee

On 21-th birthday (June 16, 1992), Tupac, bought a black Jeep Cherokee with automatic transmission and a tow package in June of 1992, with...

1992-03-25 / First Scene Tupac & Janet Jackson During ”Poetic Justice”

March 25, 1992 The first test scene Tupac and Janet Jackson in a salon X, Y, Z Ladera Heights, California.

1992-08-01 / Tupac At KMEL Summer Jam, California

Tupac Shakur backstage at KMEL Summer Jam 1992 at Shoreline Amphitheatre on August 1, 1992 in Mountain View California.

1992-01-20 / Released Brenda’s Got A Baby (Music Video)

In January 20, 1992 was released Brenda's Got A Baby's Music Video