Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tupac’s List of Concerts & Live Performances

This is the most complete list of Tupac's performances on the stage - concerts and shows, without freestyles. 2Pac (First Concert) 1989 Marin City Festival Digital Underground with 2Pac (First Japan Tour) January 01, 1990 Shock G, Chopmaster J, Money B, DJ Fuze, Tupac Shakur Digital Underground with 2Pac (The Summit Live) 1990 Houston, Texas, US Digital Underground and 2Pac Wednesday 03 January 1990 Los Angeles, CA, US Digital Underground with Tupac (Bay...

Database / Tupac Songs List

The most extenstive Tupac songs list on the Internet, including all available tracks (Originals / Demos, Alternates & Official Mixes) and producers as well as year of recording and other details. The list is provided by courtesy of Crizzo.