Top 5 Resources for Studying Rap Music

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Many people often ask if it’s possible to learn how to compose amazing rap beats and perform just like true brothers and sisters. The only way you can learn is by practicing as much as you can and by staying true to what you believe in. The trick is to listen to rap music and do your best to learn more about the history of this amazing genre. While learning how to emulate and work on your beats comes naturally, it’s also helpful to take your time and study various resources for rap music. You might be surprised to learn that there are production courses and options that allow you to understand the structure and the techniques. When you know all the little tips, your rap creations become much better and sound professional! 

Top 5 Resources for Studying Rap Music 

1. Udemy’s Rapping Courses Online. 

There are many different options to consider. For example, the famous How to Rap Fundamentals course by Donovon Jenson will provide you with simple lessons. It takes a month to complete and remains one of the most affordable. There are also freestyle rap courses for beginners that are offered by Pat Parra. Take your time to consider these if you’re a beginner. 

2. Rhymemakers Ultimate Guide to Rap. 

This is where you can get some of the best tips and resources that will cover not only rap studies and culture but also the information for the hip hop heads as well. 

3. Ableton’s Learning Music. 

Even if you are using Pro Tools as your main DAW or prefer Logic to create your beats, learning Ableton’s music-free course won’t hurt either. It is aimed at producers and offers information on how to produce the beats and keep your songs polished. As you learn how to work in any DAW, you will be able to do it anywhere. It does take time, so if you have some other college studies at hand, it’s better to visit a website to write my essay and ask for assistance with your writing tasks. Take your time to explore your options and don’t ignore this free course. 

4. Skillshare Lyrics Delivery in Rap Course

It is an on-demand course with a personal tutor. It’s also affordable and is totally worth it when you want to learn how to deliver your lyrical abilities as a songwriter. 

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5. Good Ear Website. 

Since it was already mentioned that studying rap music is all about listening, you’ll be able to train your ear and learn more about the harmonic structure, which is essential when you plan to create a good rap song. It’s also a good website for educators in jazz or blues to consider, as there is music theory! You can test your hearing and change the key for the chorus, or learn why rap music should have a break that can be totally different in terms of musical delivery. If you want to address your strengths by improving them and focusing on your weaknesses as well, don’t miss this great resource! 

The Rap Studies Must Be Flexible

When you are starting your rap education, don’t take anything as the truth of the last instance, and make sure that you try what fits you by testing various techniques. If you plan to create your beats with a sampler alone and rap along with no structure and no chorus at all, it’s not the end of the world. The most important thing is to keep your learning flexible and listen to others to see and learn what is possible. Rap is all about what or how you feel. If you want to add some blues or over-driven guitars to your classic beat, do so! Do not let anything limit your creativity and make sure to try out different options before you see what works for you! 


As a musician and educator, Ruby Butz loves to share her vision and help people learn with no limits and restrictions. Her posts offer helpful tips and inspiration to get into artistic mode. Follow Ruby to learn in another way and find your creative force. 

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