Tupac Concerts

1996-04-20 / Oakland Did Not Give Permission For Tupac Concert

On April 30, 1996, Oakland city officials turn down a permit for Tupac to perform a concert in Oakland. 5,000 tickets were sold. Official article: sfgate.com

1996-01-20 / Tupac’s Concert Cancelled In Hawaii

On January 20, 1996, Tupac is scheduled to perform in Hawaii on the "Tribute to Eazy-E" tour for a pay-per-view special. However, the tour was cancelled after the New Orleans show.

1996-01-06 / Tupac Concert in New Orleans “Tribute to Eazy-E” Tour

On January 06, 1996, Tupac performs at the Superdome in New Orleans, LA on the "Tribute to Eazy-E" tour with Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound, Outlawz, Nate Dogg, Danny Boy, etc. It was...

1996-01-04 / Tupac – The Gund in Cleveland (Concert)

On January 04, 1996, Tupac does perform a concert with the "Tribute to Eazy E Tour" on this date at The Gund in Cleveland, OH. Other acts include DJ Quik, Lady of Rage,...

1994-10-26 / Tupac was sentenced (baseball bat case)

On Wednesday, October 26, 1994, Tupac returned for sentencing. He could have gotten up to 90 days in the East Lansing jail. Instead, he was sentenced to, and served, 10 days in jail,...

1994-09-03 / Tupac Was Out Of Control at Mecca Arena in Milwaukee

On September 3, 1994 at the Mecca Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a concert took place that included BOSS, Big Mike, Xscape, Spice 1, Scarface and more, including the headline act, 2pac. Underneath an...

1994-05-28 / Tupac concert cancelled in Philadelphia

On May 28, 1994, Tupac was supposed to have done a concert in Philadelphia at the Robin Hood Dell East, but it was cancelled after Mayor Rendell and chief of staff David L. Cohen...

1994-03-24 / Tupac Live With Nana King From Ghana Live at Santa Monica

On March 24, 1994, Tupac performing Live With Nana King From Ghana Live at Santa Monica.

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