New Leaks: 2Pac – No Parts of Dis [1991] [Exclusive Unheard Content]

This is new leaks of unheard 2Pac's song “No Parts of Dis” song, recorded in 1991. It’s very rough, clearly in its early formative stages as a song. This cassette was auctioned...

1991-12-11 / 2Pacalypse Now Release Party (Pajama Party)

On December 11, 1991 TNT Management and Interscope Records hosted the album release party of Tupac's first album 2Pacalypse Now at Club 650 Howard in San Francisco.

Love Always 2Pac: Memories of Tupac Shakur by Fan

I first met Tupac when I was fourteen, a freshman in high school, just a few days after my little sister was born, and about a year and a half before my...

1991-02-16 / 2Pac appeared in ”Nothing but Trouble” movie.

On February 16, 1991, 2Pac and Digital Underground appeared in ''Nothing but Trouble'' movie.

1991-12-20 / Released If My Homie Calls / Brenda’s Got A Baby (Single)

In December 20, 1991, Tupac released If My Homie Calls / Brenda's Got A Baby (Single) If My Homie Calls / Brenda's Got A Baby (Vinyl) 1. If My Homie Calls (LP Version) 2. Brenda's Got...

1991-12-05 / 2Pacalypse Now’s Radio Tour

In 05 December, 1991, Tupac started radio tour of 2Pacalypse Now's presentation.

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