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Fallen Star (4 Huey P. Newton) – Tupac’s Handwritten Poem

They could never understand what u set out 2 do instead they chose 2 ridicule u when u got weak They loved the sight of your dimming and flickering starlight How could they understand what was so intricate 2 be loved by so...

From First Glance (4 Michelle From Zap’s Feb 1, 1990) – Tupac’s Handwritten Poem

From first glance I know exactly what would Be u and I have perfect hearts destined one day 2 Be The circumstances don't even matter because my heart never lies And if u don't admit 2 this...

1995-05-06 / Letter To Nina Bhadreshwar – Tupac’s Handwritten Letter

On May 06, 1995, Tupac wrote letter to Nina Bhadreshwar, the publicist for Deathrow Records, the four-page, single-sided handwritten letter is titled “Is Thug Life Dead?" In his missive, Pac shares some words of wisdom while...