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Tupac’s Tattoos

The outspoken nature of Tupac was also evident in the ink he wore on his skin. Messages of his faith and spiritual station could be found in the burning Christ on the...

Tupac’s Family

Afeni Shakur - Mother Afeni, a member of the infamous Black Panther Party, was Tupac’s birth mother. Tupac was very close to his mom and was very thankful for the way in which...

Thug Life: Volume 1 [Official Album], October 11, 1994

Thug Life: Volume 1 , October 11, 1994 Tracklist & Producers:  Click for Lyrics & Samples 1 "Bury Me a G" (feat. Natasha Walker) - 2Pac/Mopreme Shakur/Rated R/Big Syke/Macadoshis - Prod. Thug Music2 "Don't Get...

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