MTV Shares Rare Footage of Tupac And Dre On Set Of ‘California Love’

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MTV Shares Rare Footage of Tupac And Dre On Set Of ‘California Love’.

MTV Vault has just provided another treasure for the fans by uploading rare footage of Tupac and Dr. Dre on the set of the California Love video.

The 1996 short video reveals some behind the scenes footage. It starts with Pac and Dre, alongside comedian Chris Rock and the director Hype Williams in what’s said to be 4 a.m. in the morning. 

In the video Pac shouts out at Williams when he shows up, ensuring the director that he will get a prize for his work on California Love visuals. 

“You gonna win an award for this one,” Tupac said looking at Hype Williams.

The rare video continues with Dr. Dre giving an on-set interview, speaking about what’s the main idea behind the classic club banger.

“Actually it’s just a song about partying…how California knows how to party” – Dre explains. 

The hip-hop mogul also shared some light on the process of making the track.

“All of it happened in one night, recorded him on the song, we mixed it now we out here. This was about maybe a week and a half ago, so this video got put together pretty quick, you know” – Dre said.

The interviewer then asked about the concept of the video and The Chronic creator explained it like this:

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“The whole concept of the video was Los Angeles, the year 2095, after the end of the world…A Mad Max type of vibe”. Dre also confirms that Jada Pinkett Smith came up with the futuristic idea of the video at first.

Somewhere around the 3 minutes mark, the rare video finds Tupac speaking on how he met Dre and the proposal he got for making the “California Love” track and video.

“He (Dre) told me the idea for the video and I was like – “that is the bomb, I’ll be there”. – Tupac says.

California Love was released on December 3, 1995, as a single, and its now certified 2x Multi-Platinum by RIAA. The Dr. Dre-produced iconic track serves as Tupac’s first single for Death Row Records after he signed the deal with the record label.

Check out the newly surfaced rare footage of Tupac And Dre On Set Of ‘California Love’ below.


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Kevin Bouzane
November 19, 2020 12:17 pm

Super dope! Thanks MTV for digging this out of the vault!

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