Marvaless Says She Is The Biggest Tupac Fan Ever

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Sacramento rapper Marvaless spoke on how she came to work with Tupac and shares her experience of recording with him in the studio.

Marvaless got her start in 1992, one year after she finished high school. She quickly started working on her debut album, ‘Ghetto Blues’, which was released in 1994. The album would land at number 100 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

The producer of ‘Ghetto Blues’, Producer DJ Daryl who worked with Tupac, in producing ‘Keep Ya Head Up’, also produced for ‘Ghetto Blues’.

In early 1996, Marvaless was featured on Tupac’s Johnny J produced track, ‘Never Be Peace’. The song also featured Danny Boy and Storm. Since then, Marvaless has released five studio albums and made guest appearances on songs for Mac Dre and C-Bo.

In her interview with hip-hop and R&B channel Rapkind TV, Marvaless tells how she came acquainted with Tupac. Firstly, she spoke about how she was a fan of his and even used his album cover for inspiration. “When I recorded ‘Ghetto Blues’, I actually had his album cover like stuck on the back of the thing where you put your lyrics at. I was like the biggest Tupac fan ever,” explained Marvaless.

Revealing that she wrote to Tupac while he was in prison, Marvaless thought that he didn’t receive the letter as he never replied.

Marvaless Describes Working With Tupac As A Blessing

However, a connection with fellow Sacramento rapper, C-Bo, presented an opportunity for Marvaless to work with Tupac. C-Bo who featured on her debut album, ‘Ghetto Blues’, also featured on Tupac’s ‘Tradin’ War Stories’. According to Marvaless, Tupac and C-Bo were looking for her so she could feature on the song. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find her in time for the ‘Tradin’ War Stories’ session.

Finding out they were looking for her, she asked for ‘Pac’s pager and they eventually talked on the phone. Remembering back to their conversation, it left Marvaless pleasantly surprised when Tupac called back. She said, “I paged him and I forgot about it because I was thinking he ain’t going to call back but he did. It was wonderful he was like ‘what’s up Marvaless, I was bumping Ghetto Blues’. It was a wonderful conversation we had.”

Marvaless’s debut album Ghetto Blues

Marvaless goes on to reveal Tupac’s intentions to sign her. Tupac ended up flying her out to California to work on the song ‘Never Be Peace’. When she met him, Tupac was everything she had imagined he be. He would also go to rap the whole ‘All Eyez On Me’ album for her.

Claiming to be the biggest ‘Pac fan out there, it was an experience Marvaless will never forget. “He raised the bar as far as work ethic and getting stuff done. He was just a wonderful person,” says Marvaless. “But, you know, his spirit lives on through his music. I think I’m probably the biggest Tupac fan ever, so to have been able to work with him, definitely a blessing. It was one of my things I wanted to do on my checklist as an emcee.”

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