LisaRaye McCoy Credits Tupac’s Toss It Up Video For Her Start In Hollywood

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Hollywood actress and model LisaRaye McCoy recently spoke about her appearance in Tupac’s last music video, ‘Toss It Up’.

Born in Chicago, LisaRaye made her acting debut in the 1998 comedy/drama, ‘The Players Club’. The movie, written and directed by Ice Cube on his directorial debut, also stars Jamie Foxx and Bernie Mac. In the movie, LisaRaye plays the part of Diana ‘Diamond’ Armstrong, a student working at the players club.

“I remember this one particular video that was huge,” she told TV One. “It was Tupac’s video ‘Toss It Up’ with Danny Boy and Aaron Hall [and K-ci and JoJo]. I said, ‘I am gon’ audition for this and I’m gon’ be very directable. They gon’ want me! So I went in there and I did my best little [sexy dance moves]. And the man said, ‘You got the part.’ I was like, ‘Yes! Really, I’m an actress, here’s my resumé.’ He looked back and he said, ‘You got this job as the actress and model in this video.’ Oh, okay. Not a problem. But that’s okay, because a couple of months after that, I get a call for an audition for Player’s Club.”

After the ‘Toss It Up’ video shoot wrapped, Tupac asked her to come to Las Vegas to hang out. Tupac was involved in a drive-by shooting the following day. As a result, six days later, after fighting for his life, Tupac died.

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LisaRaye lands role on The Players Club
Once she found out that she secured the part, LisaRaye handed director Lionel C. Martin her resume. Word spread about her performance in Tupac’s ‘Toss It Up’ video. As a result, a couple of months later, LisaRaye received a phone call for an audition for Players Club.

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LisaRaye went to Hollywood and became successful, all achieved through the movie Players Club. Although she played a stripper, she recalls being okay with it. Talking about this LisaRaye said “I knew that I had a nice body, I was younger at the time. I didn’t give a damn because I knew I was doing a movie with Ice Cube, Jamie Foxx, Bernie Mac.”

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