Influence Of Rap Music On Adolescent And Children Development

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When rap music was slowly gaining popularity, it was a point of concern for parents, especially in India. The improper uses of slurs, slang, banal promotion of drug and alcohol intake, and pornographic elements on its music were severe reasons parents were concerned. Rap for teenagers could even be considered dangerous for illustrating harmful and ultra-glamorous delusions or fantasies.

But slowly, with the coursework of the evolution of rap songs and their lyrics, the scenario has changed to a great extent. Now along with the adverse effects, rap music has evolved with various positive effects on the psychology of a student or a teenager.

It has bought elements of motivation to follow our passion, aspects of humanity, aspects of protest against oppression, etc. So, there is a lot to learn from rap music as well. Based on this argument, there is a hero side to this genre of music.

But then again, the matter of choice is crucial here. We do not know what exactly can influence a teenager. Nonetheless, with its mixed effects on society, rap music has successfully influenced adolescents. Notably, it is popular among students in different fields of education. All over the world, there is some craze with rap music in every school, college, or university. Research shows that rap music is obvious to impact teenagers more than people of other age groups. 

Rap music has been very impactful in the upbringing of children in modern society. There are essay examples regarding this subject to better understand it in literary terms. For you can convenience, you can take help with essay to know its detailed effects of it. Follow the child development observation paper examples to keep yourself updated on this matter. Such examples and samples are available on reliable websites.


The origin of rap music shows that it was created mainly by teenagers to influence teenagers.

It started back in the 1970s from South Bronx, NY. Since then, it is slowly gaining popularity. It could spread its course beyond the boundaries of the United States.

Some of the most influential artists are Tupac, Jay-Z, Eminem, Cool Jay, Run DMC, and so on.


Rap music is not that kind of music genre where reading a book will help you know its story behind existence and its types. The type can vary depending on various factors.

However, two main reasons led to the fragmentation of rap music giving birth to a library of its types. The two reasons are the geographical locations and the lyrical contents. The subject of a rap song can range in so many different subjects. It can range from religion, secularism, atheism, love, hatred, crime, alcoholism, drug promotions, sex, wealth, loss, heartbreak, and so on.

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The rhythm, beats, and lyrics of the music are dependent on the geographical location where it is being made. For example, rap music in India deals with different issues, lyrics, and subjects than rap music in the U.S. Most of the beats can be recognized as West Coast, East Coast, Southern Hip Hop, or Midwest.

Rap music, especially in the U.S., can also be subdivided into gangsta rap, reggaeton, and Christian rap.

Pros Of Rap Music

Here are some pros of rap music:

•           Some rap music can be helpful in times of depression and distress. You can relate to the artist who might have been in a similar situation as you.

•           Rap songs can inspire and motivate teenagers for any genre of music. It can tell a story that can be life-changing. The catchy beats add much more conviction to the lyrics.

•           You can become knowledgeable about the cultures of hip-hop music.

•           Rap is the most motivating music you can listen to while working out.

•           Rap music can be an outstanding tool for promoting political and social awareness as it can influence a large audience.

•           This genre of music can act as an anti-propaganda against the oppression of people, war, religious dogmatism, etc.

Cons Of Rap Music

Here are some cons associated with rap music.

•           The use of slang and swear words is common in rap songs. This can impose ill effects on children.

•           It can promote the usage of drugs, pornography, and alcoholism.

•           The biggest con of rap music is the objectification of women. Often, in many misogynistic rap songs, women are simply portrayed as sex objects.


There is a primary misconception that rap music is solely popularised by the Afro-American community. But that is not true. Over time, many rappers from the white community have found a way to do big in this genre of music. And then, when rap music went beyond the boundaries of America, this idea was ditched anyways.

It was important to essential to mention this misconception. The reason is that those who believe that rap music is stimulating ill effects on society directly associate the Black community with it.

Final Takeaway

Rap music has become the most influential genre of music all over the world. It could also make its way to the academic field.

At the end of this discussion regarding rap music, we conclude that the ‘matter of choice’ is crucial in rap music.

If you have got the right taste in lyrics and music, you will be able to avoid the things that negatively impact you. But then again, people become easily influenced by things that are harmful to them.

All in one, it is not that rap music is always negative. Rap songs can be written on outstanding subjects, which can motivate or teach us a great lesson in life. The most positive thing about rap music is that it was able to break the elitist view of people on music.

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It is your wise call on what you want to listen to and what you can avoid.

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