How To Write a Biography Essay About 2Pac: Seven Points To Include

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2Pac is arguably one of the most prominent hip-hop artists in the United States. He was an up-and-coming singer whose lyrics were meaningful, thought-provoking, and, above all else, realistic. 2Pac used to sing about social and racial issues, which is why people loved him. Of course, the situation on the coastlines was tight, and the west was at odds with the east. Numerous conflicts, clashes, and beefs were typical for that era.

Although visionary, 2Pac couldn’t reveal all his potential, tragically dying in his mid-20s. But his legacy is uncompromised. And it is no wonder people are inspired by him and write papers about Tupac Shakur.

Early years

Every biography paper–be it about a painter, politician, or singer–has to include early years. It’s important to write about the subject’s education and early interests to help the reader get a bigger picture of a person.

The same goes with Tupac. The 80s and 90s were rough in the United States. Gangs and armed assaults were common for people in the ghetto. Some chose the path of robbery, while others decided to go from rags to riches artistically. The latter route was Tupac’s choice, obviously. It’d be reasonable to include his early years of development, routine, and activities.

Amateur career

Once you find the necessary information about childhood and youth, start digging info about the amateur career. Tupac was a self-made man. He was a true celebrity who had a thorny path and encountered multiple obstacles along the way. He attended freestyle contests, organized various performances, and many more.

His amateur career was full of vibrant events; Tupac focused on peace and sang about people’s different problems. And even when he gained overnight success, his lyrics didn’t change.

When looking for things about 2Pac’s amateur stage, try to write about the first amateur albums, freestyles, and performances. They shed light on Pac’s huge heart and wise mind.

Successful years

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No written piece can and should omit 2Pac’s years of success. Hard work and lots of effort eventually paid off, and Tupac became widely known in the U.S. as well as the rest of the world. Writing about winning awards is a must, at least about the fact that Tupac was nominated seven times for a Grammy.

The number of such awards is so huge that you may want to include them all, but be careful: although an exciting subject for describing, information about successful years is broadly available, and many people can reach it within a few clicks. So, make sure your information about Pac’s years of success is unique and awe-inspiring. And yes, it shouldn’t make the most of your paper, as there are plenty of other points left to include—for example, daily life.

Day to day life

Behind many celebrities’ lives are different routines. Some may use expensive yachts and spend lots of cash, while others might volunteer and donate tremendous amounts of money to the people in need. Tupac led a bright life, with jewelry and cash being common for him. But that was just a part of his life. Another side of Pac’s daily routine was helping people and spreading love. Tupac was against any war, including the conflict between east and west.

Writing about Tupac’s day-to-day life is essential to let the readers know what he did apart from recording albums and appearing on radio shows. Luckily, there are dozens of things to write about.

Eastside and westside conflict

Despite being against wars, Tupac didn’t manage to avoid the conflict with the eastside at all costs. His notorious beef addressed to Biggie Smalls diminished any chance to stop the clash. Hit ’em up was both a success and a bomb because it started a full-fledged war between gangs.

Even though the conflict was detrimental to the gangs’ relationships, it still is worthy of including in the paper, for it shows that whatever the music industry was on screen, it was far from ideal behind the scenes.         


Tupac’s death was a large-scale tragedy, shaking the United States. No one could believe that a bright and peaceful hip-hop singer would die in weird circumstances. To date, no one was held responsible for killing Tupac Shakur. More so, several conspiracy theories exist that he didn’t die but migrated to a different country to live peacefully ever after. Some people even claim they saw Tupac long after his purported death. While every theory has a place to be, we must say that writing about Tupac’s death is critical, as no biography avoids such information.


We also recommend adding a bit of information about Tupac’s legacy. What did he leave? What albums did he record and roll out, what albums were released posthumously? It will help the readers realize how his artistic career went and what was done and left unreleased.

Other than recording the songs and releasing albums, Tupac appeared in different movies, including Juice and Gang Related. The majority of films are indeed powerful and meaningful, and they have contributed to the development of cinematography.

Tips for writing an essay

With the right approach, writing a biography essay is highly doable. All you need to do is A) decide on the information you want to include in your paper and B) know how to structure the piece. The following are three pivotal elements of an impeccable biography essay.

  • Introduction: The introduction is the first paragraph that must include three subsections, an opening, background, and thesis statement.
  • Body: The body part comprises a topic sentence, a point taken from a thesis statement, its development backed up with credible sources, and a conclusion alongside transition.
  • Conclusion: The last part sums up the paper’s content, reiterates the thesis, and concludes the essay.
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