How to Learn to Rap: Useful Tips for Beginning Artists

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Learning to rap is not only about your pronunciation and understanding how the different beats work. In truth, there are many different types of rap and various techniques that can help you to start. If you are a beginner with no prior skills, you are even in a better position since you do not have any mental limitations and can start from scratch. You can find numerous resources that will help you, yet learning to rap is best achieved when you take your time to listen and focus on imitation and constant repetition. As the timing is always critical to match the chosen beat, it is not the only thing that you must master as you learn how to rap. 

How to Learn to Rap: Useful Tips for Beginning Artists 

Listen to Rap Songs and Dissect Parts. 

One of the most useful tips that you can get as a beginner is to listen to rap songs as much as you can. Try your best to emulate the rapping schemes and see how the song parts change. Pay attention to the lyrics and how the storytelling part happens. Notice how the majority of good rap songs have a hook that instantly makes the track recognizable. Speaking of lyrics, the rhyme also plays a critical role along with the length of words. Consider checking if you want to correct your lyrics or have an expert improve your writing. Read unbiased reviews of writing and editing companies and choose the most reliable. It always makes a major difference when the lyrics are polished! 

Practice With Different Beats. 

In terms of practice, you should practice your rap skills with different beats and speeds. Remember that rap is not about how fast you can showcase your skills but also about opening your mouth wide to pronounce the words well and match the lyrical ability of the words behind the music. If there is a bass line that has a ducking effect like in trance music, you can practice vocal reverberation or the delays to highlight the first and the last words in the song’s line. Give it a try and you will end up with something truly special. 

Learn Basic Production Techniques. 

We all have rap songs playing in our heads as we get creative and have an idea for a great rap chorus or a verse that sounds cool. While you can write down the lyrics or hum the beat, the presence of basic production skills of multitrack recording is crucial to track your ideas down. It’s a reason why music artists with education tend to have more tracks recorded and always have a back catalog of their sketches in the rap genre. If you are a Mac user, think about starting in Logic or consider free multi platform DAW like Reaper or the basic Ableton Live version to try out your skills. 

Learn to Copy Your Favorite Rap Performers. 

No, we are not talking about plagiarism in music or taking the beats of someone else. Some people are born with the natural ability to rap. Now, if you feel challenged, you can learn by trying to copy the performers you love line after line. It will help you to boost your confidence as you listen to a famous song and try to copy it the best way you can. Your lips, tongue, and mouth will instantly feel the right vibe as you learn breathing techniques in a way that feels natural to you. 

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What Makes a Good Rap?

Contrary to what you may hear elsewhere, there is no totally wrong rap or an excellent example that would fit everything. The majority of successful rap songs are all about expression, the artist’s charisma, and the correct production techniques. It has to tell a story and remain memorable. The rap structure can be basically anything and if you wish to abandon the classic verse-chorus-break-chorus pattern, you may do it as long as it fits the general vibe. 


Ruby Butz is an educator, business consultant, and entertainment content writer. Her posts focus on it all from music studies to the ways to achieve success as an artist. Follow Ruby to discover your new strength and find inspiration. 

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