E-40 Recalls Tupac Pulling Two “Thumpers” Before Writing

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Appearing on VALD TV is legendary Bay Area artist E-40 who shares a rare Tupac story where Shakur pulled out two “Thumpers” before writing his raps.

In case you wonder what a thumper is: A thumper refers to a pistol preferably a semi-automatic. “He comes through. We start writing and we chop it up. He gets his Hennessy, start drinking,” E-40 recalls on VLAD TV. “He has seen us writing on the floor. He said, ‘Oh like that?’. Looking at us, ’cause we had thumpers right there on the floor.”

According to 40, Pac wasn’t not trying to act gangsta. Unfortunately under these circumstances it a way of life. Ready for whatever. “He pulled out two thumpers bro, and got on the floor and started writing with us. He pulled out two thumpers. I put that on everything I love. He pulled out two thumpers,” E-40 explains.

Both E-40 and Tupac would collab on various songs. “Dusted ‘N’ Disgusted”, “Million Dollar Spot”, and on Shakur’s double album All Eyez On Me with “Ain’t Hard 2 Find”. The song also featured B-Legit, C-Bo, and Richie Rich. E-40 also went to make a cameo appearance on the ”California Love” remix music video.

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