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05. 2Pac – Last Wordz – Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…


05. Last Wordz

Producer : Bobby „Bobcat“ Ervin

Lyric :

Ice cube’s in the mutha-fuckin’ house
the nigga you love to hate
Ice cube’s in the mutha-fuckin’ house
the nigga you love to hate
Ice cube’s in the mutha-fuckin’ house
the nigga you love to hate
Ice cube’s in the mutha-fuckin’ house
the nigga you love to hate

[ICE CUBE] Yo, here comes the nigga with the ruff, terror
the paranoid, gots to get the boy
Get your steel cuz I feel like a headbanger
Yah, I got a gang of shits, styles guns
my uzzie wieghts a mutha-fuckin’ ton
bucking down one, bucking down two,
bucking down your crew, mutha fuck you
Pigs were blue, I where black, nothing but black
Cause god damn its a brand new payback
Fuck Pat Sajak, never did nothing for a nigga
on tha trigga the zigga the zag the nickel the bag
the nigga the sag the forty five mag. got you runnin’ like a fag
So, keep your mutha-fuckin’ jokes
Cuz, I’m that nigga with a fresh pair of locs
No yokes but smokes
Crakers and them dirty mackers friends aren’t jackers
get yah for your drawers, young niggas out to kill for cars

Ice T in the mutha fuckin’ house
Ice T in the mutha fuckin’ house
Ice T in the mutha fuckin’ house
Ice T in the mutha fuckin’ house
Ice T in the mutha fuckin’ house
Ice T in the mutha fuckin’ house

[Ice T] O to the mutha fuckin G I break crazy
a lot of niggas hate me but they can’t fade me
Stop me clock me cops wanna glock me
mutha fuck mutha fuck pigs can’t stop me
UHH, am I a G, I got proof
Banged in my youth, keep niggas on the roof
with a scope, dough, Cube keep the rope Tupac string a nigga up
(?Hit the mob dope?)
So whats up Punk
You want what I got step to me wrong fuck around and get shot
Your moms crying fuck her bust her
Bitch start screaming to me and I’ll dust her
Pops got the LP phat, track on hit
Laid by the mutha fuckin’ Bobcat
Ninety three suckas want me to go out
Throw the hoe out, bitch mutha fucker I’m rich

Tupac’s in the mutha fuckin’ house
Tupac’s in the mutha fuckin’ house
Tupac’s in the mutha fuckin’ house
Tupac’s in the mutha fuckin’ house
Tupac’s in the mutha fuckin’ house

Got any last wordz

[Tupac] Now they’re after me, why? cuz a niggas black
Sit back
Ain’t afraid to pull a triggar back
Let ’em come step to a real mutha-fucker
[Boom, Boom] Mama ain’t raised no suckers
Dan Quayle, don’t you know you need to get your ass kicked
Where was you when there was niggas in the caskets?
Mutha-fucker rednecks all the same
Feel a real nigga if he ain’t balled and chained
That’s why we burn shit and wreck
Cause the punk police ain’t learned shit yet
You mutha-fuckas gonna pay the price
Can’t make a Black life, don’t take a Black life
It’s on, the next real nigga fall dead
Dred, jheri curl, process, or bald head
Be prepared for the smoke to bust
What niggas need to do is start loc’in up
United we stand divided we fall
They can shoot one nigga
But they can’t take us alll
Let’s get along with the Mexicans
And we can all have peace on the sets again
Imagine that if it took place [ha ha ha] Keeping the smile off their white fakes
I ain’t racist but lets trade places
Trace the hate ‘n face it
One nigga teach two niggas
three teach four niggas
And them niggas teach more niggas
And when we blast
That’ll be the biggest blast you’ve heard
And them is my last wordz

Samples :

“The Grunt” by The J.B.’s
“Blind Alley” by The Emotions
“Flash Light” by Parliament
“Holy Ghost” by Bar-Kays
“Better Off Dead” by Ice Cube
“The Nigga Ya Love to Hate” by Ice Cube
“Tha Lunatic” by 2Pac
“I Gotta Say What Up!!!” by Ice Cube
“Dog’n the Wax” by Ice-T

04. 2Pac – Something 2 Die 4 (Interlude) – Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…


04. Something 2 Die 4 (Interlude)

Producers: 2Pac & Big D The Impossible

Lyric :

[laughter echoed]

I’ve changed…
You mothafuckas kill me
I’ve changed…

It ain’t that i’ve changed
But it’s strange how you mothafuckas rearrange
When I found fame
Point ya finger at tha bad guy

You know what my momma usta tell me
If ya can’t find something ta live 4

Then you BEST, find something ta die 4

(eazy saying ‘if there’s hell below, we’re all gonna
go’–this is all through out tha interlude)

Deep deep

La’tasha Hardings
Remember that name…
Cause a bottle of juice…
Ain’t something 2 die 4

Young Quaid
Remember that name…
Cause all you mothafuckas
That go to your grave with that name on your brain
Cause jelousy and recklousness
Is NOT, something 2 die 4

All you Niggas out there
[echoed laughter]
Got a crack that crumbles
When I say all you Niggas (all you niggas)
One nigga, teach 2 niggas
4 niggas teach more niggas
All tha poor niggas
Tha penn niggas
Tha rich niggas
Tha strong niggas

There’s more of us than there is of them
Look around…
Check your strip

Deep deep

That’s something 2 die 4


That’s something 2 live 4

What do I know?

Samples :

“(Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Going to Go” by Curtis Mayfield

03. 2Pac – Point the Finga – Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…


03. Point the Finga

Producer : Big D The Impossible

Lyric :

“You could get the finger.. the middle!” [1]
“Come and get some!” [2]

Ahh yeah, they love to point the finger
[1] [2]

Boom boom boom on your black ass, bitch
[1] [2] Niggaz love to point the finga
Boom boom boom on your black ass, bitch
[1] [2]

I thought I hit rock bottom, they ban my album, point the finga
I guess nobody loves a real nigga-slash-rap singer
I thought I’d bring a little truth to the young troops
I brought proof that the niggaz need guns too
It’s not to be a racist, but let’s face this:
wouldn’t you if we could trade places?
I got lynched by some crooked cops, and to this day
them same motherfuckers on the beat gettin major paid
But when I get my check they takin tax out
So, we payin for these pigs to knock the blacks out
Ain’t that a bitch, some officers are gettin rich
Whoopin on thugs and robbin drug dealers for they shit
As far as jealousy, bein a celebrity
No matter who committed the crime, they all yell at me
And the media is greedier than most
You could sell em your soul or they’ll be on ya til a niggaz ghost
And everyday I read the paper there’s another lie
They show my picture for the crimes of another guy
Now how’s that for the life of a big shot
A dead cop, a law suit, a little kid shot
I play them nuttin ass marks in the park
for tryin to earn they stripes in the dark
Just cause I come there, don’t mean I from there, peep:
only jealous motherfuckers beef, and point the finga

[Chorus: repeat 4X]

Boom boom boom on your black ass, bitch
[1] [2]

As I run up on em madman, a nutcase with a screw loose
A zoot troupe full of foolies with toolies
Niggaz run to me don’t come to me with beef
Take your jewels and your jeep, boom boom! Let that ass sleep
It’s gettin hectic, niggaz run, quick
Buckshots are the payback for dumb shit
All you niggaz on the block tryin to test me
Best wear a vest or get open like, sesame
I’ll run up on you mad deep; while you’re tryin to sleep
I’m steady pumpin bullets in your sheets
Wake up, motherfucker, don’t stutter
Point blank by a nigga from the gutter, yeah!
Gimme mine, gimme mine, gimme, mine
Ban my rhymes, now I’m back to bustin, nines
And bustaz can’t get none, hell no
A quick flurry and he’s buried with a swelled jaw
I came up from the amateurs to pro hits
at 5-0, so you know I take no shit
And everybody wants to kill a bringer
of bad news, so they choose, to point the finga


One two three, peace to the real G’s
Still me, til these motherfuckers kill me
I bring skills and I build, kill at will
Smoke sess til I’m ill, still feel me?
I say one two three, peace to the real G’s
Still me, til these motherfuckers kill me
Pick it up, pick it up, give it up
Best to duck or get fucked for your bucks
Scream one two three, peace to the real G’s
Still me, til these motherfuckers kill me
I can’t give up, it’s a black thang
And I ain’t goin back to the crack game
(You can do it son; be a man and stand up or run)
Bitches, let em point the finga
(You can do it son; be a man and stand up or run)
Snitches, let em point the finga
Yo, one two three, peace to the real G’s
Still me, til these motherfuckers kill me
I guess nobody loves a rap singer
That’s why these motherfuckers.. (hahaha!) point the finga



[Chorus 3/4]

Samples :

“Gota Let Your Nuts Hang” by Geto Boys
“Warm It Up” by Kris Kross

02. 2Pac – Pac’s Theme (Interlude) – Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…


02. Pac’s Theme ( Interlude)

Producer:  The Underground Railroad

Lyric :

[Statements variously said throughout song.]

I was raised in this society so there’s no way
you can expect me to be a perfect person cuz I’m a do what I’m a do.
(I am still thirsty) – Arrested Development
(There is absolutly no reason for a record like this to be published.
It has no place in our society.) – Dan Quayle
(They gotta understand me)
(Withdraw on this record) – Dan Quayle
That’s how I feel I’m a do whatever I like. I am not a role model

01. 2Pac – Holler If Ya Hear Me – Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…

01. Holler If Ya Hear Me

Producer : Stretch

Lyric :

Aww yeah, uhh, uhh
Holla if ya hear me, yeah!

[Verse One]
Here we go, turn it up, let’s start
From block to block we snatchin hearts and jackin marks
And the punk police can’t fade me, and maybe
We can have peace someday G
But right now I got my mind set up
Lookin down the barrel of my nine, get up
Cause it’s time to make the payback fat
To my brothers on the block better stay strapped, black
And accept no substitutes
I bring truth to the youth tear the roof off the whole school
Oh no, I won’t turn the other cheek
In case ya can’t see us while we burn the other week
Now we got him in a smash, blast
How long will it last ’til the po’ gettin mo’ cash
Until then, raise up!
Tell my young black males, blaze up!
Life’s a mess don’t stress, test
I’m givin but be thankful that you’re livin, blessed
Much love to my brothers in the pen
See ya when I free ya if not when they shove me in
Once again it’s an all out scrap
Keep your hands on ya gat, and now ya boys watch ya back
Cause in the alleys out in Cali I’ma tell ya
Mess with the best and the vest couldn’t help ya
Scream, if ya feel me; see it clearly?
You’re too near me –

[2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!
“Hard!” .. “Tellin you to hear it, the rebel” – P.E.
“Tellin you to hear it..”
[2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!
“Hard!” .. “Tellin you to hear it, the rebel” – P.E.
“Tellin you to hear it..”
[2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!
“Hard!” .. “Tellin you to hear it, the rebel” – P.E.
“Tellin you to hear it..”

[Verse Two]
Pump ya fists like this
Holla if ya hear me – PUMP PUMP if you’re pissed
To the sell-outs, livin it up
One way or another you’ll be givin it up, huh
I guess cause I’m black born
I’m supposed to say peace, sing songs, and get capped on
But it’s time for a new plan, BAM!
I’ll be swingin like a one man, clan
Here we go, turn it up, don’t stop
To my homies on the block gettin dropped by cops
I’m still around for ya
Keepin my sound underground for ya
And I’ma throw a change up
Quayle, like you never brought my name up
Now my homies in the backstreets, the blackstreets
They fell me when they rollin in they fat jeeps
This ain’t just a rap song, a black song
Tellin all my brothers, get they strap on
And look for me in the struggle
Hustlin ’til other brothers bubble –

[2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!
“Tellin you to hear it, the rebel” – P.E.
“Tellin you to hear it..”
[2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!
“Hard!” .. “Tellin you to hear it, the rebel” – P.E.
“Tellin you to hear it..”
[2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!
“Hard!” .. “Tellin you to hear it, the rebel” – P.E.
“Tellin you to hear it..”
[2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!
“Hard!” .. “Tellin you to hear it, the rebel” – P.E.
“Tellin you to hear it..”
[2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!

[Verse Three]
Will I quit, will I quit?
They claim that I’m violent, but still I keep
representin, never give up, on a good thing
Wouldn’t stop it if we could it’s a hood thing
And now I’m like a major threat
Cause I remind you of the things you were made to forget
Bring the noise, to all my boyz
Know the real from the bustas and the decoys
And if ya hustle like a real G
Pump ya fists if ya feel me, holla if ya hear me
Learn to survive in the nine-tre’
I make rhyme pay, others make crime pay
Whatever it takes to live and stand
Cause nobody else’ll give a damn
So we live like caged beasts
Waitin for the day to let the rage free
Still me, till they kill me
I love it when they fear me –

[2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!
“Tellin you to hear it, the rebel” – P.E.
“Tellin you to hear it..”
[2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!
“Hard!” .. “Tellin you to hear it, the rebel” – P.E.
“Tellin you to hear it..”
[2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!
“Hard!” .. “Tellin you to hear it, the rebel” – P.E.
“Tellin you to hear it..”
[2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!
“Hard!” .. “Tellin you to hear it, the rebel” – P.E.
“Tellin you to hear it..”

[2Pac] You’re too near me, to see it clearly

[repeat 4x]
[2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!
“Hard!” .. “Tellin you to hear it, the rebel” – P.E.
“Tellin you to hear it..”

[repeat 2X]
“Hard!” .. “Tellin you to hear it, the rebel” – P.E.
“Tellin you to hear it..”

“Hard!” .. “The rebel”
“Hard!” .. “The rebel”

[repeat 12X to fade]
[2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!
“Hard!” .. “The rebel”

Samples :

“Do It Any Way You Wanna” by People’s Choice
“Get Off Your Ass and Jam” by Funkadelic
“Atomic Dog” by George Clinton
“Rebel Without a Pause” by Public Enemy

2Pac – Until The End Of Time [Official Album], March 27, 2001

2Pac – Until The End Of Time (CD 1)


01. Ballad Of A Dead Soulja [0:04:15.62]
02. Fuck Friendz [0:05:19.93]
03. Lil’ Homies [0:03:43.97]
04. Let ‘Em Have It (feat. SKG) [0:04:53.33]
05. Good Life (feat. Big Syke & E.D.I. Of The Outlawz) [0:04:17.06]
06. Letter 2 My Unborn [0:03:55.33]
07. Breathin’ (feat. The Outlawz) [0:04:04.93]
08. Happy Home [0:03:56.60]
09. All Out (feat. The Outlawz) [0:05:32.60]
10. Fuckin’ Wit The Wrong Nigga [0:03:37.53]
11. Thug N U Thug N Me (Remix) (feat. KC & Jojo) [0:04:11.96]
12. Everything They Owe [0:03:07.86]
13. Until The End Of Time (feat. R.L.) [0:04:26.90]
14. M.O.B. (feat. Thug Life & The Outlawz) [0:05:01.09]
15. World Wide Mob Figgaz (feat. The Outlawz) [0:04:37.90]

2Pac – Until The End Of Time (CD 2)

01. Big Syke Interlude [0:01:45.80]
02. My Closest Roaddogz [0:04:04.73]
03. Niggaz Nature (Remix) (feat. Lil’ Mo) [0:05:04.13]
04. When Thugz Cry [0:04:22.49]
05. U Don’t Have 2 Worry (feat. The Outlawz) [0:05:07.60]
06. This Ain’t Livin’ [0:03:41.77]
07. Why U Turn On Me [0:03:32.56]
08. Lastonesleft (feat. The Outlawz) [0:03:59.66]
09. Thug N U Thug N Me (feat. KC & JoJo) [0:04:29.26]
10. Words 2 My First Born (feat. Above The Law) [0:04:07.50]
11. Let ‘Em Have It (Remix) (feat. Left Eye) [0:04:25.26]
12. Runnin’ On E (feat. The Outlawz & Nutt-So) [0:05:37.89]
13. When I Get Free (feat. J. Valentine) [0:04:30.46]
14. Until The End Of Time (RP Remix) (feat. Richard Page) [0:04:27.60]

Unused Tracks :

Komradz (Johnny J Remix), featuring The Outlawz – unused original from “All Eyez On Me”.
Watch Ya’ Mouth (QDIII Remix) – unused original from “The Don Killumiinati: The 7Day Theory”.
Fade Me (Johnny J Remix) – unused original of, All Eyez On Me”
Until The End Of Time (Johnny J Remix) featuring Jon B
Still Ballin’ (Johnny J Remix) featuring Napoleon & Young Noble – Later remixed again in Better Dayz album (2002)
Everything They Owe (On-Beat Johnny J Remake)
Letter To My Unborn Child (Johnny J Remix) – unused original from, All Eyez On Me”
Thug N Me Thug N U (Johnny J Remix)
World Wide Mob Figgaz (Additional Chorus) featuring The Outlawz
Ballad Of The Dead Soulja (Johnny J Remix)
Ballad Of The Dead Soulja (Alternative Remix) featuring 6 Feet Deep

Released : March 27, 2001 / Amaru Entertainment, Death Row Records, Interscope Records
Certified : US (RIAA) – 4× Platinum
Recorded : October 14, 1995 – July 16, 1996  (2Pac’s vocals)
2000-2001  (Production, guest vocals, and mixing)
Formats : CD, Vinyl, Cassette, Longbox & Mini Disc
Length : 124:05 min.
Producer : Johnny “J”, QDIII, L.T. Hutton, Mike Mosley, Hurt-M-Badd, Kurt Couthan

Singles :

Until the End of Time” – Released: February 18, 2001
Letter 2 My Unborn” – Released: June 5, 2001

Review : 

”Until the End of Time” is the seventh and fourth posthumous studio album released from the late rapper Tupac Shakur, following his previous post-humous albums “The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory“, “R U Still Down (Remember Me)” and “Still I Rise“.

Samples :

Ballad of a Dead Soulja” – samples of “Little Child Running Wild” by Curtis Mayfield
Letter 2 My Unborn” –  samples of “Liberian Girl” by Michael Jackson[24]
Until the End of Time” –  samples of “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister
When Thugz Cry” –  samples of “Fragile” by Sting

Gallery :

2Pac & Outlawz – Still I Rise [Official Album], December 21, 1999

2Pac & Outlawz –  Still I Rise

Still I Rise Front

Tracklist & Producers:

Click for Lyrics & Samples

01 Letter To The President – Feat.: Syke, Producer : QD III
02 Still I Rise – Producer – Johnny J
03 Secretz Of War – Producer : Johnny J
04 Baby Don’t Cry (Keep Ya Head Up) – Producer : 2Pac , Soulshock & Karlin
05 As The World Turns – Producer : Darryl Harper
06 Black Jesuz – Producer : 2Pac , L Rock Ya
07 Homeboyz – Producer : Daz Dillinger
08 Hell 4 A Hustler – Producer : Damon Thomas
09 High Speed – Producer : Darryl Harper
10 The Good Die Young – Producer : Darryl Harper
11 Killuminati – Feat.: Qierra Davis-Martin; Producer : Tony Pizarro
12 Teardrops And Closed Caskets – Feat.: Nate Dogg , Val Young; Producer – QD III
13 Tattoo Tears – Producer : Kurupt
14 U Can Be Touched – Producer : Johnny J
15 Y’All Don’t Know Us – Producer : Quimmy Quim , Reef

Released : UK – December 13, 1999; US – December 21, 1999 / Interscope Records
Certified : US (RIAA) – Platinum
Recorded : October 19, 1995 – August 12, 1996 (2Pac’s vocals)
1998-1999 (Production, guest vocals, and mixing)
Formats : CD, Vinyl, Cassette & Mini Disc
Length : 72:45 min.
Producer : Tony Pizarro, Daz, Johnny “J”, Kurupt, QDIII, Quimmy Quim, Soulshock, Damon Thomas, 2Pac, Mr Lee

Singles :

Baby Don’t Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II)” – Released: October 28, 1999

Review : 

Still I Rise is an album by 2Pac and the Outlawz which is released as the third posthumous studio album of 2Pac, and the first album by Outlawz as a group. The album excludes some of the original line up of Outlawz and Hussein Fatal, who had left the group as he had refused to sign to Death Row. The album contains all previously unreleased, albeit remixed material. It was released on December 21, 1999, by Interscope Records, under the Death Row label.

Gallery : 

2Pac – Greatest Hits [Official Album], November 24, 1998

2Pac – Greatest Hits

Greatest hits

Disc One

Click for Lyrics, Producers & Samples

1. Keep Ya Head Up (from Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z., 2/16/1993)
2. 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted (from All Eyez on Me, 2/13/1996)
3. Temptations (from Me Against the World, 3/14/1995)
4. God Bless the Dead (previously unreleased)
5. Hail Mary (from The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, 11/5/1996)
6. Me Against the World (from Me Against the World, 3/14/1995)
7. How Do U Want It? (Some lyrics are censored from the original album version) (from All Eyez on Me, 2/13/1996)
8. So Many Tears (from Me Against the World, 3/14/1995)
9. Unconditional Love (previously unreleased)
10. Trapped (Some lyrics are censored from the original album version) (from 2Pacalypse Now, 11/12/1991)
11. Life Goes On (from All Eyez on Me, 2/13/1996)
12. Hit ‘Em Up (previously released as a single)

Disc Two

1. Troublesome ’96 (previously unreleased)
2. Brenda’s Got a Baby (from 2Pacalypse Now, 11/12/1991)
3. I Ain’t Mad at Cha (from All Eyez on Me, 2/13/1996)
4. I Get Around (from Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z., 2/16/1993)
5. Changes (previously unreleased)
6. California Love (Original Version) (from All Eyez on Me (UK version), 2/13/1996)
7. Picture Me Rollin (from All Eyez on Me, 2/13/1996)
8. How Long Will They Mourn Me? (from Thug Life: Volume 1, 9/26/1994)
9. Toss It Up (A new mix with some altered lyrics) (from The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, 11/5/1996)
10. Dear Mama (from Me Against the World, 3/14/1995)
11. All About U (Altered from the original album version) (from All Eyez on Me, 2/13/1996)
12. To Live & Die in L.A. (from The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, 11/5/1996)
13. Heartz of Men (from All Eyez on Me, 2/13/1996)

Released : November 24, 1998 Amaru Entertainment, Death Row Records, Interscope Records & Virgin
Certified : US (RIAA) – Diamond – June, 2011
Recorded : 1991–1996
Formats : CD, Cassette & Vinyl
Length : 114:43 min.
Producer : Afeni Shakur (exec.), Dr. Dre, Tony Pizarro, Big D the Impossible, David Blake, Dat Nigga Daz, DJ Daryl, Nate Dogg, Warren G, Ramone “Pee Wee” Gooden, Johnny “J”, Suge Knight, Live Squad, Reggie Moore, Raw Fusion, Shock G, Soulshock & Karlin, 2Pac

Singles :

Changes” – Released: October 13, 1998
Unconditional Love” – Released: January 26, 1999

Review : 

Greatest Hits is a double-disc greatest hits album for late rapper 2Pac, released by Amaru/Death Row/Jive/Interscope Records in 1998. This is one of 2Pac’s two albums—and one of only nine hip hop albums—to have been certified Diamond in the United States.

The album’s non-chronological sequence highlights 2Pac’s career; the 21 popular hits, some slightly re-edited for legal reasons, are accompanied by four previously unreleased songs: the dead friends tribute “God Bless the Dead“, the dedication song “Unconditional Love“, the tough talk “Troublesome ’96“, and the album’s single “Changes” also helped earn 2Pac the first and only posthumous Grammy Award nomination since for Best Rap Solo Performance.

Gallery :

2Pac – R U Still Down? [Remember Me] [Official Album], November 25, 1997

2Pac – R U Still Down? [Remember Me]

R U Still Down front


Click for Lyrics, Producers & Samples

Disc One
1. Redemption (Intro)
2. Open Fire
3. R U Still Down? (Remember Me)
4. Hellrazor
5. Thug Style
6. Where Do We Go From Here (Interlude)
7. I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto
8. Nothing To Lose
9. I’m Gettin’ Money
10. Lie To Kick It
11. Fuck All Y’all
12. Let Them Thangs Go
13. Definition Of A Thug Nigga

Disc Two
1. Ready 4 Whatever
2. When I Get Free
3. Hold On Be Strong
4. I’m Losin’ It
5. Fake Ass Bitches
6. Do For Love
7. Enemies With Me
8. Nothin’ But Love
9. 16 On Death Row
10. I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto (Hip-Hop Version)
11. When I Get Free II
12. Black Starry Night (Interlude)
13. Only Fear Of Death

Released : November 25, 1997 Amaru Entertainment, Jive Records, Interscope Records
Certified : Gold – December 15, 1997; Platinum – December 15, 1997, 4x Platinum – December 15, 1997
Recorded : 1992–1994
Formats : CD, Cassette
Length : 102:40 min
Producer : Afeni Shakur (exec.), Lisa Smith-Putnam (exec.), Tony Pizarro, Akshun, Choo, Def Jef, DJ Daryl, Warren G, Khalid A. Hafiz, Johnny “J”, Laylaw, Live Squad, Levant Marcus, Michael Mosley, QDIII, Quimmy Quim, Chris Rosser, Conrad Rosser, Ricky Rouse, Soulshock & Karlin, 2Pac

Singles :

 I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto” – Released: August 26, 1997
Do for Love” – Released: February 24, 1998

Review : 

As more of the original songs are leaked, it has become evident that many of the album’s tracks were true to the originals, simply mastering and perfecting the original instrumentals and vocals. Songs like: “Hold On Be Strong”, “Nothin’ But Love”, “Nothing To Lose”, “Only Fear Of Death”, “When I Get Free II”, “Open Fire” are true to the originals. Those with fundamentally similar compositions include “Lie 2 Kick It”, “I’m Gettin’ Money” and “Thug Style”. Tracks with completely new instrumentation include “Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto”, “Hellrazor” and “Enemies With Me”.

Definition of a Thug Nigga” also appears on the soundtrack of the 1993 film, Poetic Justice.

Gallery : 

1993-11-18 / Tupac Was Arrested For Sexually Assaulting

November 18, 1993 - Tupac Arrested

November 18, 1993 – Tupac Arrested

Just 18 days after being arrested in Atlanta for allegedly shooting two off-duty Police officers, Tupac, while in New York for the filming of the movie ‘Above The Rim’, is arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a 19 year old woman (Ayanna Jackson) in his $750-a-night, 38th floor Parker Meridien Hotel suite.

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Tupac had been introduced to Ayanna Jackson four days earlier (November 14, 1993) while at a downtown New York nightclub (Nell’s) with Haitian Jack and King Tut. Eyewitnesses say Ayanna Jackson engaged in oral sex with Tupac on the dance floor of the club before going back to his Hotel room and engaging is consensual oral and vaginal sex (“We had oral and vaginal sexual intercourse several times” -Ayanna Jackson).

See also : Tupac’s Shooting New York 1994

The next day Ayanna Jackson called and left various sexually explicit messages on Tupac’s voicemail.. Tupac’s attorney Michael Warren charged law enforcement officials with erasing those sexually explicit messages. (Michael Warren believed police intelligence were targeting Tupac like they did his mother Afeni Shakur)

Ayanna Jackson: Tupac’s Alleged Rape Victim & ”All Eyez On Me” Movie

Four days later, on November 18th, she returned to his hotel suite. (“Haitian Jack’s like, ‘I called her. I mean she called me, and she’s on her way.’ But I wasn’t thinking about her no second time” -Tupac) – They all watched television in the living room, and then she and Tupac went into the bedroom together. (“She’s making me uncomfortable, because instead of sitting with Haitian Jack and them, she’s sitting on the arm of my chair. And Haitian Jack and King Tut are looking at her like a chicken, like she’s, like, food. It’s a real uncomfortable situation. So i’m thinking, ok, I’m going to take her to the room and get a massage” -Tupac)

What ensued next is disputed; Jackson claims that she was forced to perform oral sex on Tupac while Haitian Jack partly undressed her and grabbed her from behind, and that they then made her perform oral sex on Jack’s friend (King Tut) while Tupac held her. (Man Man, she acknowledged, did not touch her.) Tupac claimed that he left the room when the other men entered and did not witness whatever happened. In any case, Jackson testified that she left the suite in tears and that Haitian Jack told her to calm down, saying that he “would hate to see what happened to Mike [Tyson] happen to Tupac”: that is, a woman charging him with sexual assault, which is what Jackson promptly did. She summoned the hotel’s security officers, who called the police. Tupac, Man Man, and Jack were arrested (King Tut left)

Many believe that the rape case came about because of the police shooting case in Atlanta. Mutulu Shakur, Tupac’s step-Father and political prisoner is convinced that Tupac became a lightning rod after he shot the policemen in Atlanta. “These disenfranchised–the young blacks who are poor and hopeless–have no leader. Their heroes are cultural and sports heroes. No one–not Jesse Jackson, not Ben Chavis, not Louis Farrakhan–has as much influence with this segment as rappers. So when Tupac stands up to a white cop, shoots it out, wins the battle, gets cut free, and continues to say the things he’s been saying–the decision to destroy his credibility is clear.”

Charles Ogletree, Jr., a black attorney and professor at Harvard Law School, who represented Tupac on a number of cases in the last year of his life, notes that “people in law enforcement not only disliked Tupac but despised him. This wasn’t just a person talking, but someone who had generated a following among those who had problems with the police, and who spoke to them. He was saying, ”I understand your pain, I know the source of it, and I can tell you what to do about it.” Police officers knew him by name, Bob Dole mentioned him by name.”

See also : The Rape Case: Ayanna Jackson’s Story

See also : Tupac’s Shooting New York 1994

Ronald “Riskie” Brent – His First Meeting with Tupac


Ronald “Riskie” Brent : One day, while I was in front of my house, I saw a line of ’64 Impalas driving down the street with different people from the Death Row entourage inside the cars. I noticed that one of those cars was the same black ‘64 Chevy that they used in Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang” video and everyone was saying how it was Death Row’s CEO Suge Knight driving Dre’s ‘64. One day, my “cousin” Gina took my art book to Suge. He liked my drawings and told her he wanted to meet up with me. That meeting never happened.

Suge wasn’t the easiest guy to get a hold of, but I went to the Compton Swap Meet one day not long after that and there was a mob scene. 2Pac, Suge, and everybody was filming the California Love remix video there. I approached him. He said he remembered me and the artwork in my book and told me to get it. I was like, “you gonna be here when I get back?” and he told me he wasn’t going anywhere. I ran across the street to get my book and he was true to his word. He took it and walked me over to a white van. He opened the door of the van and inside was 2Pac and a bunch of girls. That was the first time I met 2Pac.

2Pac and Suge looked through my book. They liked what they saw, but I’ll never forget when 2Pac saw my drawing of Biggie. He made a gun with his hand, pointed it at the drawing, and yelled, “Boom! Boom! Why you paint him?” I didn’t even know 2Pac had a beef with Biggie at that time. So I told him, “I don’t know. I just paint, man.” Before Suge and I exchanged numbers, 2Pac said to Suge he wanted me to do something for his new joint with Snoop, “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted.” I’m not sure if I was supposed to do artwork for the single or for the video, but nothing ever came of it.

Few months later around mid-August 1996. I was in the back office I shared with Hen Dog at 9171 Wilshire Boulevard, which we had recently moved into. Hen Dog and I used to smoke weed back there all the time to keep our creative flow going. We would blow the smoke out of an open window. Norris Anderson [Suge’s brother-in-law], who was Death Row’s general manager at the time, called me into his office to tell me about a new assignment. He told me from the jump that “it’s gonna be something crazy.”

Apparently, Suge and 2Pac had a meeting and wanted me to paint 2Pac on the cross for the Makaveli album cover. The concept was all 2Pac’s. Norris said I needed to have a mock-up ready that evening for a Death Row staff meeting with Suge at Gladstone’s. I thought about it a bit, found a painting of Jesus Christ, and cut out a photo of Tupac’s face from the March 1996 issue of The Source to put on top of it. I showed it to Suge after the meeting and he said, “That’s it. Get to work.”.

A few days later, I went to see 2pac at Can-Am [Death Row’s recording studio in Tarzana]. I brought the unfinished canvas painting with me. The cross hadn’t been filled in yet. 2Pac asked me, “Yo, can you make the cross into a road map?” He told me the cities he wanted on there, where he wanted them, and that he wanted a compass on top of it to signify east to west. The compass was real important to him. He told me he felt that he had been crucified by certain cities and that he wanted to shout them out.

After our meeting, I cut up a Thomas Bros. map guide and pasted everything together. The holes in the map with lights coming through them were my idea. ‘Pac’s body and the background was all air-brushed. It was a real work of art. I went to his penthouse on Wilshire Boulevard the night before he got shot in Las Vegas [September 6, 1996]. He told me, “this shit is dope!” He loved it, raved about it for a few minutes. All of the Outlawz were there, too. That night 2Pac told me he was going to host a gallery showing of my artwork.

Death Row had already given me a budget of $5,000 for materials for it and everything. Unfortunately, because he died and Suge went to prison, that never happened. 2Pac also told me he wanted me to do artwork for his new house in Calabasas and for his penthouse. I’ll never forget that.

Tupac Labels


Joshua’s Dream Corporation

This publishing company wasnamed by Tupac after meeting a terminally ill child named Joshua in 1993.


Tupac had set up to develop movie projects and help finance such community-minded projects as a center for at-risk youth. It was co owned by Tupac, Yasmine and Molly. Tupac was listed as an employee of this company at the time of his murder.

Non-Stop Productions

Non-Stop Productions was a music production company that Tupac and Johnny “J” (Johnny Jackson) had together. After Tupac passed nothing else was released thru this company.

24-7 Productions.

Tracy, (Tracy Robinson) Gobi and Pac were partners in 24-7 Productions. Tupac had 60%, and Tracy and Gobi had 40% of the company. It was to do all filmed productions for Tupac.

Makaveli Records

Makaveli Records was to be Tupac’s record label distributed thru Suge Knights Death Row Records. Tupac adopted the moniker ‘Makaveli’ was influenced by Machiavelli, an Italian philosopher, author of The Prince.

The company logo is the name Makaveli with a crown on it and a sword through it, which is trademarked by Amaru Entertainment. The Makaveli Record logo is shown on the back cover of the 7 Day Theory.

Out Da Gutta Records

Out Da Gutta Records along with Interscope Records/Atlantic Recording Corporation released ‘Thug Life Volume 1’ and ‘Me Against The World’. (1994 and 1995)

After Tupac signed to Death Row Records this company did not release anything.

Thug Nation

Founded after Tupac’s death; Thug Nation is music production company connected to Tupac’s other publishing company’s. It is also a registered trademark owned by the Tupac estate.

Amaru Records

After the death of Tupac Shakur, his mother Afeni Shakur set up Amaru Records. Since they own all copyrights of Tupac’s unreleased work recorded under Death Row/Interscope, this is to be the outlet for new Tupac releases.

All rights to Tupac Shakurs music are now owned by Amaru Entertainment, which is controlled by his mother, Afeni Shakur Davis, and artist royalties are assigned to the Tupac Foundation, which Afeni has used the proceeds to build the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain, Georgia.


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