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Outlawz – Outlaw 4 Life: 2005 A.P. (April 19, 2005)

Outlawz – Outlaw 4 Life: 2005 A.P.


01. Real Talk
02. Can’t Turn Back
03. Celebrate (feat. T.Q.)
04. Big Ballin’ (feat. Bun B & Stormey)
05. They Don’t Understand
06. Let it Burn (feat. Chair Crazy)
07. If You Want To
08. These Are The Times (feat. Khujo Goodie, Stormey & Malachi)
09. Ghetto Gospel (Part 2)
10. Smilin’ Faces (feat. F’Lana)
11. I Dare You
12. Don’t Get it Fucked Up
13. Sacred Vows (feat. Stormey)
14. Better it Get
15. Interlude C. Bone Jones
16. Listen to Me
17. Losin My Mind (feat. Stormey)
18. One Day At A Time [Em’s Version] (feat. 2Pac & Eminem)
19. Black Cotton (feat. 2Pac, Eminem & Kastro)

Released : April 19, 2005
Highest Chart Position : #33 Top Independent Albums, #44 Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
Recorded : 2004-2005
Label : 33rd Street, 1Nation
Producer : Focus…, Armando Colon, Gorilla Tek, J-Mack, Outlawz, The Legendary Traxster

Outlawz Neva Surrenda: The Rap-A-Lot Sessions (October 22, 2002)

Outlawz Neva Surrenda: The Rap-A-Lot Sessions

Tracklist :

1. Intro
2. What Side U On?
3. Move Somethin’
4. Everything Is Alright
5. Playtime
6. Not Real
7. Us
8. Black Diamond
9. Why?
10. Pleasure Of Life
11. Desperation
12. Blessings
13. Lost And Turned Out
14. Outro

Released : October 22, 2002

Recorded : 2001-2002

Label : Outlaw Recordz, Rap-a-Lot Records

Producers :  J. Prince, Mike Dean, Mr Lee

Outlawz Presents Young Noble ‎– Noble Justice ( 28 May 2002)

Outlawz Presents Young Noble ‎– Noble Justice

Tracklist : 

1. Respect Ourz
2. Godz Handz
3. Hate Me Or Love Me
4. Gotz 2 Go
5. Noble Justice
6. I Ride U Ride
7. Over Again
8. Baby Mama
9. Get Bac
10. Dead Or Alive
11. Raised As 1
12. Timez Up
13. Gatz Up
14. Don’t Know
15. Your World
16. Getlow Outlawz
17. Enough 2 Make
18. Don’t Cry
19. Lightz Out

Released: 28 May, 2002

Label: Outlaw Recordz, Big G Entertainment

Outlawz – Novakane (October 23, 2001)

Outlawz – Novakane 

Tracklist : 

1. Intro
2. Rize
3. This Is The Life
4. Ghetto Gutta
5. Our Life
6. Y’all Can’t Do
7. Interlude 1
8. Red Bull & Vodka
9. 2nd Hand Smoke
10. Interlude 2
11. Boxspring Boogie
12. History
13. So Many Stories
14. World Wide Remix
15. Die If U Wanna
16. Interlude 3
17. Loyalty

Released : October 23, 2001
Highest Chart Position : #100 U.S. Billboard 200
Recorded : 2000-2001
Length : 56:44 min
Label : Outlaw Recordz, Koch Records
Producer : Outlawz, Reefologist Da Street Criminologist, E.D.I., Muhammad “Madball” Bell, William “Bill Blast” Irving, Paul Poli, Bosko, Mike Dean, Joey Glasses, L. T. Hutton, Quimmy Quim, Shorty B., Floss P, Mack 4, DJ Felli Fel

Outlawz – Ride wit Us or Collide wit Us (November 7, 2000)

Outlawz – Ride wit Us or Collide wit Us

Tracklist : 

1. Outlawz / Intro
2. Outlawz / Outlaw 2000
3. Outlawz / Life Is What You Make It
4. Outlawz, Val Young / Black Rain
5. Outlawz, Ya Yo, Mil / Hang On
6. Outlawz / Soldier To A General
7. Outlawz, Val Young / When I Go
8. Outlawz, Phats, Akwylah / Who?
9. Outlawz / The Nyquil Theory (interlude)
10. Outlawz / Fuck With Me
11. Outlawz, T.q. / Get Paid
12. Outlawz, Mil, Divine / Good Bye
13. Outlawz, Ya Yo, H-rider / Mask Down
14. Outlawz / Nobody Cares
15. Outlawz / Geronimo Ji Jaga (interlude)
16. Outlawz, Supreme C, Mil / Maintain
17. Outlawz, Bad Azz, Spice 1, Low Lives / Smash
18. Outlawz / Jersey Mob (interlude)
19. Outlawz, Smooth, Dirty Bert, Trife, Akwylah / Murder Made Easy

Released : November 7, 2000
Re-released : 1998 on Amaru/Jive
Highest Chart Position : #6 U.S. Billboard 200
Recorded : 1999-2000
Length : 59:24 min
Label : Outlaw Recordz
Producer : E.D.I., Mike Dean, Mr Lee (producer), Femi Ojetunde, Quimmy Quim

08. 2Pac – Strugglin – Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…

08. Strugglin

Producer : Live Squad (Stretch, Majesty & K-Lowe)

Lyric :

(Eat a dick up)
“Stick up, stick up, stick up kids…
still don’t nothin move but the money” — [Rakim]

[Verse One: Live Squad]

Strugglin, jugglin, got it to the black man
Eatin the scams like I was motherfuckin Pac Man
Cops step off, you know the flavor
They fear the ruffneck niggaz with the lunatic behavior
And now we gotta eat, gotta make ends meet
Stabbin for a fee, it gets hard on the fuckin streets
It’s like a madness, fuck making gravy
I rhyme and do crimes, cuz either way pays me
A little rough with a hardcore… theme
Couldn’t rough something rougher in your… dreams
Mad rugged so you know we’re gonna… rip
With that roughneck nigga named 2Pacalypse
Representing YG’z yo
Flip Stretch Homicide and my nigga Gambino
Seek and Po can’t forget Money Bags
Stickin up spots and jumpin in Jags
Gotta get ahead and always stay bumblin
And always keep a hand on the gat
Cuz a niggaz straight strugglin

[Verse Two: Live Squad]

I used to be on tour, but now I’m sick of strugglin
I thought about bumpin, but mother-fuck jugglin
I know it lasts longer, gets my pockets thicker
But I’d rather use my gun cause I get the money quicker, so bust it
Look as I cut the records hard to eject
A quick clip threw my body down uhh! it’s another hit
I got energy to blast now you want the task here
Cuz of the light a motherfucker shot that ass up
But rugged and rough is how I’m steppin
Mac is the weapon, and it’s always kept in
Eye on the Mac cause the dogg got it goin on
If you come up steppin you’ll be lit like a hick
So you better chill, cause I got too much money to get
A street thug in the motherfuckin house, I’m strugglin
Get drunk but I don’t think
I’m just in it for the money, don’t be a punk snitch
When I yank up my gun, don’t run don’t bitch
Cause ya know if you do, you’ll be layin in a ditch
You’ll get your stupid ass blown out the frame
Cause I’m playing to win, and survive in the game
I’m strugglin

[Verse Three: 2Pac]

Big up, big up, got him in the frame, bang
Ain’t nothin changed set it off I let the brains hang
Guess who’s back, to put niggaz on they back
Till I call back, niggaz runnin free better fall back
I’m fifty niggaz deep beat sleep
with a Mossberg wrapped in my seats
three deep in my Jeep chief run with the Young Gunz
Strugglin and strivin, that’s how the dough come
Now get gunned by the one with the gun for the low goal
Throw a bolo so low when I flow yo
Much too high to read the signs, I’m blind
Clickin on the nine, out to get mine
I go big up, big up, gotta make the room, boom
Blowin motherfuckers to the moon
Niggaz need to feel me a real G, home from the bumblin
See me on the block, strugglin
And rollin with the roughnecks nuff checks cashed
I get in niggaz ass, blast
Straight strugglin

Samples :

“Ashley’s Roachclip” by The Soul Searchers
“Paid in Full” by Eric B. & Rakim

07. 2Pac – Peep Game – Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…


07. Peep Game

Producer : Bobby “Bobcat” Ervin

Lyric :

So what the fuck you talkin about?! Aw, shit.
Goody, goody, gumdrops.
Nigaa, get your hoodie and your gun cocked.
Rock it till the drum stops.
Hip hop.
Even if my shit flip flop
It probably wouldn’t stop.
Talk shit and get socked.
How ya hang em?
Know a realer nigga? You could bring him.
If I don’t represent the shit,
I’ll kick it.
We could sway him.
Huh. As if I know ya.
Then I could show ya.
But if I don’t know, I gotta fo’ fo’ fo’ ya.
So, so peep game
At point blank range.
The fame can’t change what the game maintains.
Strange. Wind against the grain.
Aw shit. Flick or no flick I trips for no bitch.
Catch up on your pimpin.
I ain’t simpin. I’m a dis her.
Couldn’t be my sister if she actin like I missed her.
Tell me why they, tell me why they, tell me why they play me.
Don’t these niggas know that neiter one of y’all can fade me.
I ain’t big, I ain’t buff, I ain’t deisel.
But fuck wit Tupac and pop goes the weisel.
Me and Threat made a bet on how many fellas
Would jack a motha fuckin real nigga cuz they jealous.
They do it for the fame.
Explain. Insane. What’s in a name? What’s in a name?
Peep game.

[Chorus repeats] Punk bitch, how ya like me now?
Can’t fuck around wit the funky style.
Put it together like a puzzle builder.
If Trenton don’t get cha, pops gon’ kill ya.

Killa Cali.
The state where they kill.
Down wit Oaktown? What’s up homie, can I chill?
The bitches lookin funny.
Feel em at me. Feel em at me wit they minds on they heaven
Wit they .357.
-Where you at?
*On the freeway, deep in LA.
-OK, see you when get here loc.
-Here I am. Here I am.
*Goddamn that was quick.
-Told ya I was comin. Who is that? Is that your woman?
*Na, that’s just a hoochie looking for some juice.
-What’s up my nigga? What ya know? A nigga got a little bigger.
That’s all folks know.
Fat gold ropes.
Gotta keep a low key for my attack.
When I approach, I want the diamonds, the pearls.
The round the way girls.
Cuz baby got, baby got back out this world.
Would you give a fee? Never.
Fly like a feather.
Make more money than your father and your mother put together.
The game is to be sold, not to be told.
So buy it.
Can’t afford it?
Low budget hoes gotta brother.
Peep game.

[Chorus repeats]

Don’t sell out.
Get the hell out.
Cuz here I come.
Hit em with my bop gun.
They came and they blast.
We got witt they ass.
And oh, pop this vest and all the rest of that mess.
Comin through like Terminater 2.
Boost your crew cuz we ain’t afraid of you.
You know what time it is wit me once the clock stike 3.
We goin coo-coo like Cocoa Puffs. Whooo eeii!!!

[Chorus repeats]

Time to get paid, time to get paid. Check.
Time to represent the west. On me: nuttin but a vest.
Got my hands on my glock, eyes on the prize.
First sucka jump, first sucka die.
Gimme mine, gimme mine, gimme mine like I told ya.
Hard as a boulder.
Motha fuckin souja.
Boom bam boom!! It’s a stick up.
Vice president Dan Quayle eat a dick up.
Peep game.

[Chorus repeats]

(Spoken by Tupac)
Punk motha fucka.
Fuck all those motha fuckas, they all can eat a motha fuckin dick up.
Word up. Fuck the police. I don’t give a fuck.
Bobcat in this motha fucka boy.
Big up! Big up! To the criminals.
Fuck em.

this is serious business.

Yeah, microphone mafia.
Tupac, Threat, Bobcat.
93 shot.
Yeah nigga, bitch.

Samples :

“Don’t Change Your Love” by Five Stairsteps
“Sing a Simple Song” by Sly & the Family Stone
“Think (About It)” by Lyn Collins
“UFO” by ESG
“Heartbeat” by Taana Gardner
“If My Homie Calls” by 2Pac
“Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force

“JD’s Gafflin’ (Part 2)” by Ice Cube
“Bring the Noise” by Public Enemy
“Mind Blowin'” by The D.O.C.
“Our Most Requested Record (Long Version)” by Ice-T

“Different Strokes” by Syl Johnson

06. 2Pac – Souljah’s Revenge – Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…


06. Souljah’s Revenge

Producer : Bobby „Bobcat“ Ervin

Lyric :

[dorky sounding white guy] Mr. Shakur, can you please explain the meaning
behind your violent lyrics?

[2Pac] Explain the meaning?
The fuck these niggaz talkin bout?

[sounds of running and sirens in background]

[Kid] Damn…
[Cop] Police, FREEZE!
[Kid] Can’t get shit off!
[Cop] I said FREEZE you miserable black son of a bitch!
[Kid] What, come on, come on!

[gun shot]

Tupac Shakur as himself
Tupac Shakur as ‘Souljah’

[Soul] My attitude is shitty
My message to the censorship committee
Who’s the biggest gang of niggaz in the city?
[Pac] The critics or the cops?
[Soul] The courts or the crooks, don’t look so confused
Take a closer look
[Pac] Niggaz get they neck broke daily
Tryin to stay jail free
[Soul] What the fuck does Quayle know
of young black males?
[both] Please tell me
[Soul] Message to the censorship committee
Who’s the biggest gang of niggaz in the city?
[Pac] Huh, I pack a nine millimeter cause I got em livin hotter
than the 4th of July, if I gotta die, I gotta
[Soul] Momma told me, “Don’t let em fade me..
.. nigga don’t let em make you crazy!”
Game is what she gave me
[Pac] Gotta watch your back, strapped
[Soul] Real niggaz rat-pack
[Pac] If you get your ass taxed, bring a gat back
That’s not the way we made it
[Soul] That’s just the way it is
[both] Slangin rocks, in front of niggaz kids
[Pac] I came up
My message to the censorship committee
Who’s the biggest gang of niggaz in the city?
Cops pull me over, check my plates, but I’m legal
[Soul] You couldn’t get me, figure, “Fuck with a niggaz people”
[Pac] They got me trapped, gat with the motherfuckin hammer back
[Soul] Cops on my back, just cause I’m black, SNAP
[Pac] Now I’m guilty?
Message to the censorship committee
Who’s the biggest gang of niggaz in the city?
[both] All you punk police will never find peace
on the streets til the niggaz get a piece, fuck em!
[Soul] They kill you to control ya
(PAY) top dollar for your soul
[both] Real niggaz don’t fold, straight souljah!
[Pac] Can’t find peace on the streets
til the niggaz get a piece, fuck police, hear them screamin
Fuck em! Can’t find peace on the streets
til the niggaz get a piece, fuck police, hear them screamin
(I hear ya!)
Fuck em! Can’t find peace on the streets
til the niggaz get a piece, fuck police, screamin
(I hear ya!)
Fuck em! Can’t find peace on the streets
til the niggaz get a piece, fuck police, screamin
(I hear ya!)
Fuck em! Can’t find peace on the streets
til the niggaz get a piece, fuck police (I hear ya!)
Fuck em! Can’t find peace on the streets
til the niggaz get a piece, fuck police (I hear ya!)
Fuck em! Can’t find peace on the streets
til the niggaz get a piece, fuck police (I hear ya!)
The niggaz scream fuck em!
[Soul] Motherfuckin punk police (I hear ya!)
Thinkin they run the motherfuckin streets
It’s mo’ niggaz than it’s police
Think (I hear ya!)
One nigga, teach two niggaz
teach three niggaz, teach fo’ niggaz (I hear ya!)
teach mo’ niggaz, and we could run this shit!
[both] I hear ya!

“They finally pulled me over and I laughed
Remember Rodney King and I blast on his punk ass” (I hear ya!)
[repeat 10 X with snips and scratches] [Soul] Souljah!

Samples :

“Sing a Simple Song” by Sly & the Family Stone
“The Payback” by James Brown
“Soulja’s Story” by 2Pac

05. 2Pac – Last Wordz – Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…


05. Last Wordz

Producer : Bobby „Bobcat“ Ervin

Lyric :

Ice cube’s in the mutha-fuckin’ house
the nigga you love to hate
Ice cube’s in the mutha-fuckin’ house
the nigga you love to hate
Ice cube’s in the mutha-fuckin’ house
the nigga you love to hate
Ice cube’s in the mutha-fuckin’ house
the nigga you love to hate

[ICE CUBE] Yo, here comes the nigga with the ruff, terror
the paranoid, gots to get the boy
Get your steel cuz I feel like a headbanger
Yah, I got a gang of shits, styles guns
my uzzie wieghts a mutha-fuckin’ ton
bucking down one, bucking down two,
bucking down your crew, mutha fuck you
Pigs were blue, I where black, nothing but black
Cause god damn its a brand new payback
Fuck Pat Sajak, never did nothing for a nigga
on tha trigga the zigga the zag the nickel the bag
the nigga the sag the forty five mag. got you runnin’ like a fag
So, keep your mutha-fuckin’ jokes
Cuz, I’m that nigga with a fresh pair of locs
No yokes but smokes
Crakers and them dirty mackers friends aren’t jackers
get yah for your drawers, young niggas out to kill for cars

Ice T in the mutha fuckin’ house
Ice T in the mutha fuckin’ house
Ice T in the mutha fuckin’ house
Ice T in the mutha fuckin’ house
Ice T in the mutha fuckin’ house
Ice T in the mutha fuckin’ house

[Ice T] O to the mutha fuckin G I break crazy
a lot of niggas hate me but they can’t fade me
Stop me clock me cops wanna glock me
mutha fuck mutha fuck pigs can’t stop me
UHH, am I a G, I got proof
Banged in my youth, keep niggas on the roof
with a scope, dough, Cube keep the rope Tupac string a nigga up
(?Hit the mob dope?)
So whats up Punk
You want what I got step to me wrong fuck around and get shot
Your moms crying fuck her bust her
Bitch start screaming to me and I’ll dust her
Pops got the LP phat, track on hit
Laid by the mutha fuckin’ Bobcat
Ninety three suckas want me to go out
Throw the hoe out, bitch mutha fucker I’m rich

Tupac’s in the mutha fuckin’ house
Tupac’s in the mutha fuckin’ house
Tupac’s in the mutha fuckin’ house
Tupac’s in the mutha fuckin’ house
Tupac’s in the mutha fuckin’ house

Got any last wordz

[Tupac] Now they’re after me, why? cuz a niggas black
Sit back
Ain’t afraid to pull a triggar back
Let ’em come step to a real mutha-fucker
[Boom, Boom] Mama ain’t raised no suckers
Dan Quayle, don’t you know you need to get your ass kicked
Where was you when there was niggas in the caskets?
Mutha-fucker rednecks all the same
Feel a real nigga if he ain’t balled and chained
That’s why we burn shit and wreck
Cause the punk police ain’t learned shit yet
You mutha-fuckas gonna pay the price
Can’t make a Black life, don’t take a Black life
It’s on, the next real nigga fall dead
Dred, jheri curl, process, or bald head
Be prepared for the smoke to bust
What niggas need to do is start loc’in up
United we stand divided we fall
They can shoot one nigga
But they can’t take us alll
Let’s get along with the Mexicans
And we can all have peace on the sets again
Imagine that if it took place [ha ha ha] Keeping the smile off their white fakes
I ain’t racist but lets trade places
Trace the hate ‘n face it
One nigga teach two niggas
three teach four niggas
And them niggas teach more niggas
And when we blast
That’ll be the biggest blast you’ve heard
And them is my last wordz

Samples :

“The Grunt” by The J.B.’s
“Blind Alley” by The Emotions
“Flash Light” by Parliament
“Holy Ghost” by Bar-Kays
“Better Off Dead” by Ice Cube
“The Nigga Ya Love to Hate” by Ice Cube
“Tha Lunatic” by 2Pac
“I Gotta Say What Up!!!” by Ice Cube
“Dog’n the Wax” by Ice-T

04. 2Pac – Something 2 Die 4 (Interlude) – Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…


04. Something 2 Die 4 (Interlude)

Producers: 2Pac & Big D The Impossible

Lyric :

[laughter echoed]

I’ve changed…
You mothafuckas kill me
I’ve changed…

It ain’t that i’ve changed
But it’s strange how you mothafuckas rearrange
When I found fame
Point ya finger at tha bad guy

You know what my momma usta tell me
If ya can’t find something ta live 4

Then you BEST, find something ta die 4

(eazy saying ‘if there’s hell below, we’re all gonna
go’–this is all through out tha interlude)

Deep deep

La’tasha Hardings
Remember that name…
Cause a bottle of juice…
Ain’t something 2 die 4

Young Quaid
Remember that name…
Cause all you mothafuckas
That go to your grave with that name on your brain
Cause jelousy and recklousness
Is NOT, something 2 die 4

All you Niggas out there
[echoed laughter]
Got a crack that crumbles
When I say all you Niggas (all you niggas)
One nigga, teach 2 niggas
4 niggas teach more niggas
All tha poor niggas
Tha penn niggas
Tha rich niggas
Tha strong niggas

There’s more of us than there is of them
Look around…
Check your strip

Deep deep

That’s something 2 die 4


That’s something 2 live 4

What do I know?

Samples :

“(Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Going to Go” by Curtis Mayfield

03. 2Pac – Point the Finga – Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…


03. Point the Finga

Producer : Big D The Impossible

Lyric :

“You could get the finger.. the middle!” [1]
“Come and get some!” [2]

Ahh yeah, they love to point the finger
[1] [2]

Boom boom boom on your black ass, bitch
[1] [2] Niggaz love to point the finga
Boom boom boom on your black ass, bitch
[1] [2]

I thought I hit rock bottom, they ban my album, point the finga
I guess nobody loves a real nigga-slash-rap singer
I thought I’d bring a little truth to the young troops
I brought proof that the niggaz need guns too
It’s not to be a racist, but let’s face this:
wouldn’t you if we could trade places?
I got lynched by some crooked cops, and to this day
them same motherfuckers on the beat gettin major paid
But when I get my check they takin tax out
So, we payin for these pigs to knock the blacks out
Ain’t that a bitch, some officers are gettin rich
Whoopin on thugs and robbin drug dealers for they shit
As far as jealousy, bein a celebrity
No matter who committed the crime, they all yell at me
And the media is greedier than most
You could sell em your soul or they’ll be on ya til a niggaz ghost
And everyday I read the paper there’s another lie
They show my picture for the crimes of another guy
Now how’s that for the life of a big shot
A dead cop, a law suit, a little kid shot
I play them nuttin ass marks in the park
for tryin to earn they stripes in the dark
Just cause I come there, don’t mean I from there, peep:
only jealous motherfuckers beef, and point the finga

[Chorus: repeat 4X]

Boom boom boom on your black ass, bitch
[1] [2]

As I run up on em madman, a nutcase with a screw loose
A zoot troupe full of foolies with toolies
Niggaz run to me don’t come to me with beef
Take your jewels and your jeep, boom boom! Let that ass sleep
It’s gettin hectic, niggaz run, quick
Buckshots are the payback for dumb shit
All you niggaz on the block tryin to test me
Best wear a vest or get open like, sesame
I’ll run up on you mad deep; while you’re tryin to sleep
I’m steady pumpin bullets in your sheets
Wake up, motherfucker, don’t stutter
Point blank by a nigga from the gutter, yeah!
Gimme mine, gimme mine, gimme, mine
Ban my rhymes, now I’m back to bustin, nines
And bustaz can’t get none, hell no
A quick flurry and he’s buried with a swelled jaw
I came up from the amateurs to pro hits
at 5-0, so you know I take no shit
And everybody wants to kill a bringer
of bad news, so they choose, to point the finga


One two three, peace to the real G’s
Still me, til these motherfuckers kill me
I bring skills and I build, kill at will
Smoke sess til I’m ill, still feel me?
I say one two three, peace to the real G’s
Still me, til these motherfuckers kill me
Pick it up, pick it up, give it up
Best to duck or get fucked for your bucks
Scream one two three, peace to the real G’s
Still me, til these motherfuckers kill me
I can’t give up, it’s a black thang
And I ain’t goin back to the crack game
(You can do it son; be a man and stand up or run)
Bitches, let em point the finga
(You can do it son; be a man and stand up or run)
Snitches, let em point the finga
Yo, one two three, peace to the real G’s
Still me, til these motherfuckers kill me
I guess nobody loves a rap singer
That’s why these motherfuckers.. (hahaha!) point the finga



[Chorus 3/4]

Samples :

“Gota Let Your Nuts Hang” by Geto Boys
“Warm It Up” by Kris Kross

02. 2Pac – Pac’s Theme (Interlude) – Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…


02. Pac’s Theme ( Interlude)

Producer:  The Underground Railroad

Lyric :

[Statements variously said throughout song.]

I was raised in this society so there’s no way
you can expect me to be a perfect person cuz I’m a do what I’m a do.
(I am still thirsty) – Arrested Development
(There is absolutly no reason for a record like this to be published.
It has no place in our society.) – Dan Quayle
(They gotta understand me)
(Withdraw on this record) – Dan Quayle
That’s how I feel I’m a do whatever I like. I am not a role model


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