Anthony Hamilton Eerie Feeling When Recording Tupac’s ‘Thugz Mansion’

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Multi-Grammy nominated singer and songwriter, Anthony Hamilton appeared on VLAD TV where he described his recording session for Tupac’s ‘Thugz Mansion’ as “eerie”.

“When it came to me it just had an eerie feeling about the whole thing. The whole session. I believe it was done in Marvin Gaye’s studio, I think it was,” Hamilton tells Vlad. “Claudio who was the engineer and producer gave me the opportunity and I went in and wrote the song. But, it was just an eerie moment. Eerie feeling time, that song.”

In 2002, Tupac’s posthumous release ‘Better Dayz’, featured the hit ‘Thugz Mansion’. Two versions of the single was released. One featuring Nas and J. Pheonix on the hook, which was released as a single. The second version is a Tupac solo featuring Anthony Hamilton.

Nas would also feature the song on his sixth studio album ‘God’s Son’. It would feature two verses from the Queens artist and one from Tupac Shakur. J. Pheonix provided the hook.

Four years later, Hamilton had the honor of working again on a Tupac song. This time in a remake of the popular ‘Dear Mama‘ song. “Man, I’m honor to be apart of that song. Just to take the original and take it and make it feel just as good and just as important and timely as the original.”

Contributing to any posthumous music as it relates to Tupac is never an easy task. With many of the originals leaked over the years, fans are quickly to criticized if its not done to their liking. Unfortunately many of the songs are not able to be released in its original form. Sample clearance and other issues come into play.

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Feeling the pressure, Anthony Hamilton dug deep and delivered the best he came at the time. “You feel that pressure. You feel like this is a moment where I want to represent him in the best way possible. Delivering a rendition of the song it needed to be special. Bring my A game or shut the hell up. I went in and sung it with my young hungry voice, and I was pleased with it.”

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