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DL: Same Song – Digital Underground, 2Pac (1990)

Same Song - Digital Underground, 2Pac (1990) DOWNLOAD

1991-01-06 / Tupac’s Debut in Digital Underground’s “Same song” Video

On January 06, 1991, Tupac makes his debut in Digital Underground's "Same song" video. Interscope records offers a contract to Tupac, he signs with Interscope and his career started.

Tupac’s Fight for Social Justice and His Most Powerful Protest Songs

27 years have passed since the death of Tupac Shakur, but his legacy continues to amaze millions of people around the world. The American rapper, producer and actor was one of the...

How Many Songs Does Tupac Have? (Updating…)

Tupac rose from the ashes of adversity to become an icon revered for his unparalleled talent, unfiltered lyricism, and energy that radiated from every pore of his being. While the world mourned...

DL: Untitled Sampler Cassette – 4 Songs Tupac Full Tape [FLAC]

This cassette was auctioned at ebay in September, 2012. Recently, a clip of the unheard ”No Parts of Dis” song was released. The songs were recorded in 1991. Cassette description : It includes four songs (these are...

Deon ”Big D The Impossible” Evans Tears Open His Vault of Unreleased Tupac Songs (Interview)

In today’s music industry, most record producers just don’t get the shine they deserve because of controversial industry politics. Deon Evans is among them. Deon Evans is a multi-platinum record producer who...

What Was 2Pac First Song?

A quick online reference would show you that Tupac released his first studio album in 1991. That year, the sensational 2Pacalypse Now hit the market, strengthening the young and promising rapper’s position...

Spice 1 on Recording with 2Pac the Night Before His Murder, Pac’s Last Song

"In an interview with Vlad TV, Spice 1 tells his story of the night before ‘Pac was ambushed by gunfire in Vegas. According to him, the two were in the studio together...

Tupac OG Unreleased Demo Recording on C.D. Of 5 Songs (1990)

Tupac Shakur original unreleased music demo recording on C.D. circa 1990. A total of five songs and some personal talk are heard on the recording. This is the only known copy of...

NEW LEAK: 2Pac – ”No Parts of Dis” (Unheard Song) CLIP

The third song, "No Parts of Dis", appears to be completely unknown. It's very rough, clearly in its early formative stages as a song, and breaks off rather suddenly at the 2:52...

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